Entrepreneurs lift each other up

How can one commodity dictate the lives of so many? Alberta, a province that thrived on oil is now facing its darkest years yet. Those who ventured to this province to seek employment years ago are now forced to return home with broken spirits and empty pockets. Times are tough and homes and are left being left empty as workers leave. Many are abandoning Alberta but there is one business who is betting on this province. Nomodic Custom Modular Structures sees opportunity where many see hopelessness. As classic entrepreneurs, they find solutions where others do not.

A custom solution

In 2012 Nomodic CEO Kevin Read began his entrepreneurial journey. He founded Nomodic in hopes of bringing custom building solutions to workers and home owners. By using modular construction, Nomodic is able to control the entire building process. Homes are built completely in Nomodic’s warehouse. Once they are 85–90% complete they are shipped to their designated construction site where the modular pieces are quickly assembled. You could watch your home be assembled in a matter over hours instead of a matter of months. This innovative concept is helpful in so many ways. It is environmentally friendly and reduces waste at the construction site, also there is way less disruption to surrounding communities when a complex is being built. All of these are great benefits to modular construction, but perhaps the most important benefit is that these buildings can be provided at a much lower cost.

“We are aware of the economic challenges the oil and gas community is facing and believe Nomodic can deliver world-class remote living and work spaces that align with the constraints being felt throughout the industry.”*

Supporting workers who still work on site is a difficult task for oil companies. Money is running thin but employees still need a comfortable place to rest after a long day of work. When Canbriam Energy Inc. was looking for a construction company to build a “state of the art permanent camp facility” Nomodic was the clear winner. Not only can Nomodic provide a lower price but they can also guarantee higher construction quality through their process. Nomodic’s mission is to “make clients more successful.” With their innovative solution Canbriam Energy was able to house 68 oil field employees in a beautiful new complex. It is clear Nomodic is in business to serve the best interest of their clients and this has been proven from the repeat business they have received.

Building up block by block

Although Nomodic is still a relatively young company, it has seen tremendous success. From 2012 the company has grown from 7 employees to 26 an we are sure this count in increasing. Of course it helps that this business in incredibly innovative but its true success comes from the businesses mandate. The employees at Nomodic constantly want to see other industries succeed with them. This selfless act will undoubtedly bring the company tremendous success in the future!

Things to consider

If you are an entrepreneur here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t shy away from a struggling industry, there could be tremendous opportunity
  • If your business is new an innovative, provide your service at a lower cost to attract new customers
  • Stay true to your businesses mandate in order to ensure repeat business and referrals

Check out this video to see how Nomodic put together one of their buildings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7bDooqOrFg

Here is how you can learn more about Nomodic Custom Modular Structures:




*Taken from: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/56c40bab20c6471a3c6d834b/t/56f97d4d4c2f859026ac0c8b/1459191117792/Nomodic-Canbriam-68-Bed-Camp-Press-Release-08-05-2015.pdf

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