Four businesses and counting

Owning one business is hard enough, can you image operating four simultaneously and with tremendous success? Kyla Kazeil of Edmonton, did just that. Now you may think she continues to open businesses in order to increase profitability but in fact there is a more profound reason why Kyla has followed this path towards entrepreneurship.

Growing up in Edmonton, Kyla had a deep connection with the Old Strathcona Community. She cherished that it was a community supportive of the arts and she saw so much potential in what the community could offer Edmontonians. As Kyla grew up she knew she wanted to continue shaping the city she loved so much. She wanted to live in a city that valued local talent and she was going to have a hand in making sure that happened. At the young age of 27, Kyla and her best friend Anastasia Boruk opened Bamboo Ballroom, a retail boutique on Whyte Avenue. Once this first business took off, Kyla was hooked. She had the ability to shape the culture of her city, which she cared so deeply about.

“My work is busy and challenging but I am grateful for the support of my partners, managers and employees.”*

Kyla is now the proud co-owner of four incredibly popular Edmonton businesses: The Bamboo Ballroom, The Bamboo Stockroom, the Common and 9910. She has diversified her personal business portfolio and has touched on everything from retail to restaurant. Although she operates four unique businesses, they each have one thing in common. Each business supports local Edmonton entrepreneurs, artists, food and talent.

On a daily basis, Kyla has to wear various hats as she runs from stockroom manager to server, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Kyla is an entrepreneur who loves being on the ground floor and interacting with customers. Through her years of working as a business owner, she has also learned the importance of giving up control. She trusts her employees and equips them with decision making authority. For entrepreneurs who are generally A-type personalities this can be extremely challenging to do but also very rewarding!

“This city and the way it continues to grow inspires me.”*

Kyla originally went into business in order to help Edmonton reach its untapped potential. She knew Edmonton could be a hub for creativity and culture which is why Kyla took the initiative to establish these businesses. Although she runs an extremely busy schedule, Kyla ensures she takes the time to go out and enjoy the community she helped create.

Kyla is constantly giving back to Edmontonians in order to enrich lives and help promote other aspiring entrepreneurs. Giving back is what actually helped Bamboo Ballroom survive the financial crash of 2008. Rather than panicking and turning to big name retail stores for help, Kyla and her business partner searched even harder for local designs that could be brought into the Edmonton shop. Investing in a community will do wonders for your business.

“Business is a gamble. Not everything is successful so don’t let a failure define you. Have fun.”*

The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is that if you have a dream you have the opportunity to realize it. Kyla created the community she always dreamed of in Edmonton and has helped make many other entrepreneur’s dreams come true at the same time. She has given local artists opportunities, she has allowed for local designers to have the recognition they deserve and she has brought an artisan and unique feel to a busy city. Kyla may have originally started her businesses for herself but the effect this young entrepreneur has had on her city is incredible. Entrepreneurs have the power to create movements and change. Kyla has done just that and has had a smile on her face the entire time.

Things to consider

If you are an entrepreneur here are some things to consider:

  • Never underestimate the power of a community. Having a community behind you will do wonders for your business
  • As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to impact so many people, from your employees to your customers, never take this job for granted. Be proud of the opportunities you provide others with
  • Always focus on what you are good at. If you open a second or a third business, consider what made your first business successful and capitalize on it

Here is how you can learn more about Kyla’s businesses

Bamboo Ballrom

Bamboo Stockroom

The Common


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