These truckers are rebels with a cause

Generally when you consider a trucking company, it is clear marketing is not the number one priority. Trucking companies are generally more focused on quality of service and the timeliness in which this service is provided over a beautiful logo and a twitter handle. Of course there is nothing wrong with the way trucking companies have traditionally operated but every once in a while it is clear things need to be shaken up. Rebel Heart Trucking has made it their mission to revolutionize a traditional and predictable industry. Everything from their name to their business model screams different and they are bringing some much needed attention to a sector of the market that is largely ignored by the public. Learn how.

Rebel Heart Water Hauling Ltd. was originally founded by Mr. Norman Kellert in Edmonton in 1994. In its early days, the company focused solely on oilfield water hauling. When the oil patch was booming, Rebel Heart Water Hauling reaped the benefits, but in times of bust the business faced some tough staffing decisions. As we all know the oil industry is far from stable, therefore any complimentary businesses face the same uncertainty. Rather than let go of highly trained staff during tough economic times, Norman Kellert decided to start a rebellion. The founder made the decision to diversify Rebel Heart Water Hauling to provide more than just water hauling services, it would now also provide gravel trucks and septic services catering to the oil patch, commercial businesses and residential communities. This decision was the birth of Rebel Heart Trucking.

“Obviously all things are my responsibility whether they go good or bad.”*

Years later a young student named Josh Laczko applied for a part-time position at Rebel Heart and got the job. He worked there while finishing his schooling and in his final year he purchased the company! Not bad for your first job out of college! Josh brought a fresh perspective to this already innovative company and helped to continue diversifying the business. Although the company is relatively small (31 full-time employees) it is rapidly growing. This year Rebel Heart was placed on the Profit 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Josh is definitely leading the company in the direction it needs to be taking. He has prioritized his customers every step of the way and this can account largely for his success. He has utilized technology to ensure customers can track what their trucks are doing onsite. This level of commitment definitely costs money but what is lost in profit is definitely made up in customer loyalty.

“We do have some growth in mind, but it has to make sense and it has to be for the right reasons, if we add to our existing business or go into a new one it will have to complement a business we are already doing.”*

Rebel Heart has built their entire business on diversification to ensure a stable and steady workflow. Even with a strong desire to be rebellious, this company understands when it is time to call it quits. Decisions for growth need to make sense and need to help move the company forward financially. Of course Rebel Heart has considered many new business opportunities but has also turned down just as many. Part of what makes someone a good entrepreneur is knowing when to say no. Josh has just the right amount of strategy and rebel heart to make him the perfect leader for this business!

Also… they have merchandise. Have you ever seen a trucking company with merchandise before? We haven’t either. Simply awesome!

Things to consider

If you are an entrepreneur here are some things to consider:

  • Is your business part of an unstable industry? Consider diversifying your products and services to ensure a stable working environment.
  • Stand out in your respective industry. Just because every other business operates a certain way doesn’t mean your business needs to. Look for untapped opportunities.
  • Be strategic when making every business decision but never forget to think like a rebel. No one ever got ahead by simply following the status quo.

Here is how you can learn more about Rebel Heart Trucking:



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