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Summer jobs are incredibly interesting. Often as teenagers we don’t take a job to fulfil or passion rather we take any job we can get to receive that first pay cheque. Whether you used to mow lawns, scoop sundaes, or fold t-shirts we’re sure you must have some interesting stories about your first summer job. The entrepreneurs we are featuring in this post took a summer job likely to get some extra cash but in the process they realized their passion for the work they were doing. Not all of us are lucky enough to fall in love with our summer job but these entrepreneurs were.

When your truck becomes your office

Tait Sala and Tomas Cohen met when they both worked as landscapers in Toronto. Tait had his heart set on theatre and Tomas had recently immigrated from Israel. The two never imagined they would be starting their own tree and shrub services company together! The pair bonded over the greener world they imagined and the realization that there was a need for arborists in the city of Toronto. With this shared vision Tait and Tomas founded Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd. They started their business from the ground up and drove all across the GTA meeting and educating customers in their truck. They knew every position in their company as they originally filled each position. Now with over 20 employees, these founders know the importance of each role their staff members play.

“Our relationship with our client is the core of our business, the heart of our success. That’s the challenge, and that’s where people often don’t have the know-how, vision or patience to do it right.”*

Being an arborists is a competitive business but Cohen and Master have developed a unique edge. The business focuses on client education in order to ensure success. The founders want customers to understand their business and why it matters to them. With their focus on client education, Cohen & Master has created somewhat of an open door policy. Rather than a customer calling every 5 years to have a stump removed, the entrepreneurs outline how Torontonians can use and benefit from an arborist more than they might imagine. The business encourages an open line of communication with its customers, whether it is simply asking a quick question or inquiring about a work request.

“We want to build on those people, build on the really solid root of this company.”*

When you first build a business you know each of your customers by name, and probably their favourite coffee. Yet, when a business grows it becomes more difficult to maintain those intimate connections. Business is booming and you may no longer see the benefit of interacting and personally getting to know each customer. Of course this is a fine strategy, but what differentiates truly successful businesses is that they continue to care about those who helped bring them their initial success. Customers must come first.

Tait and Tomas have mentioned that their dedication to client education and their open door policy has been hard to maintain given their increase in business but they are not willing to change. They will continue operating as a small business but with a larger businesses network. This will mean more work but ultimately customers will be able to see their authenticity.

“For trees to thrive and be healthy, it takes having the client on board and understanding the process and the vision.”*

With a passion for greenery and people Tait and Tomas have created a healthy business. When working at that one summer job years ago the entrepreneurs discovered a spark to help make this world a little greener. Their spark is visible in everything they do and their authenticity truly shines through. We have no doubt this business will continue to grow from the healthy roots it has established.

Things to consider

If you’re an entrepreneur here are some things to consider:

  • If you are in a competitive marketplace consider ways your business can rise above. Take the extra time to educate clients and make them feel valued and educated
  • Work with a partner who shares your same passion. Finding a business partner organically can make for the best partnerships
  • Understand what made your business successful in the first place and continue working hard to please those customers who were there for you from the start

Here is how you can learn more about Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd.



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