My lease is expiring in a few months, and I was thinking about the decision to either rent or buy my next place. When I sat down to think through a rigorous analysis of which option makes the most sense for me, I realized others could save time and energy if I shared my entire thought process.

There are a few key components which most strongly influence if it is better to buy or rent for your personal situation. Some of these are straightforward, others tend to be overlooked, leading to sub-optimal decisions and money left on the table. …

Coffee is America’s psychoactive drug of choice. Drinking it can be a habit that comes so naturally that you couldn’t imagine life without it. How else could you get through you day?

First things first. We are throwing out the notion that you are “supposed” to work for 40+ years then retire at 65. Doing so is perfectly fine, and many have found fulfillment and financial success that way.

We all have our blind spots, but we can learn to recognize and protect ourselves against psychological truths that lead us to poor decision making. We describe some of the key psychological biases to be aware of in regards to personal finance below, and suggest how to overcome them. Get ready to become a decision making machine!

  1. Loss Aversion:
  • What is is?
  • Loss aversion is the thought that “the pain of losing is psychologically about twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. People are more willing to take risks (or behave dishonestly; e.g. Schindler & Pfattheicher, 2016) to avoid…

We love Ice Cream! Easily in the top 3 desserts, no question. Tell us in the comments what your other top two are! We love the good stuff and definitely don’t want to skimp on such an important piece of any fine meal. But will splurging on the good stuff be worth it in the long run for all of you personal finance heroes out there? Read on to find out for yourself!


We will estimate that the average ice cream lover’s household will consume 1 quart every other week, or 26 quarts in a year. The marginal cost…

One way to define financial freedom is the following: the ability to do absolutely anything one desires with ones time, while simultaneously meeting all financial needs. Sounds nice doesn’t it? The Free Times Framework (FTF) is a way of thinking designed to help get you there faster. At the Free Times we do not believe life is best lived penny pinching at every turn, so we have created the FTF to help you think about which “sacrifices” make sense for you.

Many in the personal finance community suggest thinking about purchases in terms of time, not money. For example, instead…

The Free Times

Make informed personal finance decisions without sacrificing what matters most to you.

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