I’m a Mr. Nobody 
I look in the mirror and don’t recognize my own body 
I look in the mirror while squeezing my face 
My grey skin, my dead eyes, my bony fingers, oh, how it aches
I show no expressions
I try to force a smile, my teeth show, nothing feels right
I’ve watched everyone else being happy, and it just makes sense
But whenever I dare to do the same
It just feels meaningless
It is all out of place
My brown hair is inconspicuous
Nothing special about me for someone else to notice 
My writing skills are poor
In the end of every story my words feel empty, such liars
I’m boring
My inteligence and capacity of observation are hardly average
That being said, it’s time for me to wonder, why am I here when no one cares
Why am I here when not even I care?

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