MLG Capital Announces Partnership with Alan Stone & Company

MLG Capital, the capital markets advisory division of MLG Blockchain, and Alan Stone & Company (ASC), a California-based investor communications, consulting, research and investor relations firm, have announced a partnership to collaborate on U.S. roadshows to provide clients with broader access to capital networks. The partnership allows the two firms to leverage their deep networks and experience in hosting investor events and roadshows to provide disruptive global companies with greater access to North American sources of capital.

MLG Capital is associated with GB Capital Markets, a FINRA-registered broker dealer, to provide private placement and M&A advisory services. With headquarters in New York City and Toronto, MLG Capital focuses on bridging the global gap between blockchain companies and North American capital markets. ASC specializes in developing investor awareness, making professional introductions to the investment community, and enhancing stock market values for emerging growth companies. ASC’s focus lies both in research, where the firm assists clients to arrange top quality research report coverage by widely respected Wall Street Analysts, and to arrange roadshows and one-on-one meetings between management and selected firms, money managers and analysts in key cities throughout the country. Alan Stone is also the founder of Wall Street Research, the Southern California and Southern Florida Investment Forums and the Small Cap Conference in California.

“It is our pleasure to partner with Alan Stone, a recognized veteran in the investor relations and capital markets industry in North America. This partnership expands our reach and operations in California and Florida and creates a stronger platform for our clients to access funds, new markets and strategic partners across North America” said Michael Gord, the founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain.

About MLG Blockchain

MLG Blockchain is a global venture creation and advisory firm with blockchain technology development and broker dealer capabilities. Headquartered in Toronto and New York with a distributed and experienced team across 6 countries, MLG offers premium capital, consulting, strategic advisory, and technology development services, with both regional and global representation for clients around the world.

About MLG Capital

MLG Capital is the capital markets advisory division of MLG Blockchain. It focuses on growth stage investment in disruptive industries including blockchain, cannabis, e-sports, AI and VR. MLG Capital’s unique approach showcases select companies to strategic investors through one on one meetings, targeted roadshows, investor events and our database of global investment firms and investment professionals.

About Alan Stone & Company

Alan Stone & Company, LLC is a top ranked investor communications, research, consulting, and investor relations firm which specializes in developing investor awareness, making professional introductions to the investment community, and enhancing stock market values for emerging growth companies. As a result of ASC’s extensive contacts and strong relationships within the investment community, their client’s have greatly expanded their positioning with institutional investors, brokerage firms, market makers, analysts, and investors.

ASC’s comprehensive investor relations services to corporate clients is an effective means for achieving a successful investor communications program, developing analyst research, and improved results in the Capital Markets and Wall Street. ASC’s founder and Managing Director, Alan Stone, has decades of investor relations experience, and has also founded WallStreet Research, Small Cap Conferences, Southern California Investment Forum and South Florida Investment Forum.

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