MLG Capital Announces Partnership with Lucid Crypto Investments & Babeldog

MLG Capital, the capital markets advisory division of MLG Blockchain, and Lucid Crypto Investments, a Seoul and New York based cryptocurrency hedge fund and capital markets advisory firm and Babeldog, a blockchain consulting firm, have announced a partnership to collaborate on global roadshows while further bridging Asian and North American capital markets. The partnership between the two firms brings together complementary networks in an attempt to offer disruptive companies broader exposure to global sources of capital.

MLG Capital is associated with GB Capital Markets, a FINRA-registered broker dealer, to provide private placement and M&A advisory services. With headquarters in New York City and Toronto, MLG Capital focuses on bridging the global gap between blockchain companies and North American capital markets. Lucid Crypto Investments acts as a long/short cryptocurrency hedge fund, with a particular focus on large-cap tokens, pre-sale ICO’s, blockchain equity investments, and more. Lucid Crypto leverages its algorithmic trading and venture capital capabilities while attempting to outperform major cryptocurrency indices in the long-run. Babeldog has significant experience hosting investors events across Korea and Tokyo such as a private yacht party for its international investors during the South Korean Blockchain Week. Babeldog Inc is a Seoul based advisory firm assisting clients to secure the right partnerships in Korea and Japan.

“We are excited to officially partner with Sammy and the Lucid Crypto Investments and Babeldog teams to offer more global capital exposure to our clients. We have been working closely with Sammy for a while now and this partnership is a natural continuation of our work together”, said Michael Gord, the founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain.

“MLG is a young and vibrant leader in the industry and I am grateful to be collaborating with them to find the right entryway into top level Korean and Japanese partnerships, said Sammy Shn, CEO of and Babeldog Inc.

About MLG Blockchain

MLG Blockchain is a global venture creation and advisory firm with blockchain technology development and broker dealer capabilities. Headquartered in Toronto and New York with a distributed and experienced team across 6 countries, MLG offers premium capital, consulting, strategic advisory, and technology development services, with both regional and global representation for clients around the world.

About MLG Capital

MLG Capital is the capital markets advisory division of MLG Blockchain. It focuses on growth stage investment in disruptive industries including blockchain, cannabis, e-sports, AI and VR. MLG Capital’s unique approach showcases select companies to strategic investors through one on one meetings, targeted roadshows, investor events and our database of global investment firms and investment professionals.

About Lucid Crypto Investments

Lucid Crypto Investments is an “East-meets-West” long/short strategic cryptocurrency investment firm with operations in Seoul and New York City. Contrary to most digital asset funds, Lucid has carefully designed an exposure strategy to capture the full value of every significant segment of the cryptocurrency/blockchain value chain: self-incubated proprietary ICOs to large-cap tokens, while hedging against volatility by shorting a basket of international stocks ranging from Korea’s KOSPI to NYSE/Nasdaq.

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