A large ocean wave breaks as it’s heading to shore.
A large ocean wave breaks as it’s heading to shore.

In the field of UX research, we apply a lot of rigor and methodology to designing and executing research projects, but often not as much on how to analyze our results. On paper, the “synthesis” phase can sound very simple. You just review your findings and come up with major takeaways to incorporate into your work.

But in reality, this stage is very complex, arduous, and time consuming. And it’s far too easy to introduce our own biases. When we introduce our own assumptions and predictions to our research synthesis, we risk the validity of our findings.

I think of…

This summer I attended UX Strat, a conference in Boulder that brought together people in a variety of product roles to discuss how UX can inform overall business strategy. As a UX researcher, I was thrilled for an opportunity to gather information from various industry professionals.

Rather than opening up a spiral notebook to frantically write down notes or taking out my phone to take pictures of slides, I came prepared with a new tool for absorbing conference material: a 9x12 Canson drawing pad.

However, as you may have noticed, I said my role was a UX researcher, not a…

When people ask me about my job as a UX researcher for the Growth team at HubSpot, the first thing I talk about is my amazing team. Every day, I get to work with people who have completely different perspectives and expertise, all of which is critical to coming up with innovative solutions to serve our customers.

I’ve come to realize that each research project is like the classic hero’s journey — a familiar storytelling arc usually involving a quest or adventure. Whether you’re setting out to save a kingdom or destroy a ring, no one protagonist can ever make…

A couple months ago I had the exciting opportunity to join MIT’s RealityVirtually Hackathon. As a design researcher with no dev skills, no prior hackathon experience, and limited exposure to AR/VR, I went into the weekend with a HEAVY dose of imposter syndrome and a looming concern that I’d have no way to contribute to my team for the next four days.

While I can’t say I discovered the elusive cure to the former, I can say that the experience served as the perfect crash course for concept testing in AR.

For any researchers, UX-ers or others new to the…

Margot Lieblich

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