8 Ways to Embrace the College Experience

College, for many people, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are so many opportunities and events that can only happen while in college, and in order to fully embrace the experience, one must do as much as possible. Here are the basics on how to fully experience the college experience.

Live on Campus. Living away from home means freedom and independence. There really is no experience that quite equals living on campus while in college. RA’s, community bathrooms, tuna can bedrooms, and a buffet just 30 steps from your door are all unique to dorm life.

Join a Club or Organization. Clubs, organizations, and sororities will help you meet new people, get a connection to your school, and give you something to do besides study. College is a chance to join these kind of organizations, as they hardly exist elsewhere.

Go to Events. Many colleges have free events for students on campus where you can learn new things, meet new people, and do activities that may be exclusive to college life (Condom olympics, anyone?).

Go to Class. College is primarily there to gain a higher level of education, so in order to fully experience college, one must embrace the academic aspect.

Get an On-Campus Job. Go beyond the student role on campus by also becoming an employee. It will give you a new perspective on the school, give you valuable experience and contacts, and foster a greater connection between you and school. Plus you can only do student jobs when you’re a student, so the opportunity is fleeting.

Study Abroad. Many people who don’t study abroad say it is their biggest regret from college. The chance to go to another country for months on end is not an easy reality outside of college, so try to squeeze it in before you graduate.

Take Part in Campus Traditions. Colleges will have their unique events and experiences that you couldn’t really find anywhere else, let alone other colleges. It’s a unifying experience for you and your peers to experience say that you were a part of the one-and-only [enter tradition here] or the 2015 [enter event here].

Make it Your Own. There’s no such thing as a uniform college experience. The key is to make it personal and do what you want to do. It’s your four years. Make it memorable!

Originally published at www.chicademics.com.

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