Quick impressions of Google’s keynote at I/O:
Josh Elman

To me, google home and daydream (and maybe allo + duo) in 2016 are like android was in 2008, year after Apple invented the modern mobile device). Yes, they are certainly derivative, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be successful.

Most people in the US don’t have any “smart home” infrastructure, google home is making a play in that space. And they have a huge head start over Amazon on the important stuff, the AI brains behind the device.

Also, tons and tons of messaging is happening over iMessage, sms, mms, and groupme. All of those systems have serious flaws, as messaging moves to more modern platforms like allo and messenger, people won’t believe they ever used those old systems. Not everyone uses messenger, so that realm is still in play.

Daydream, tensorflow, instant apps and firebase are extremely powerful dev tools that takes deep pockets and a lot of work to make but ultimately should pay off in dividends by cultivating lots of great third party software.

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