Final Presentation

We made it! Wow this experience was so exciting and thought provoking. I was challenged to make something I was passionate about come to life. I also got to work with an amazing group of people that had unique perspectives on the subject of technology and the effect it has on the young generations and the generations to come.

Our group going over our presentation (Miriam, Emeris, Karsen, Adam)

In the two weeks leading up to our final presentation at Texas State’s Star Park Complex, my group got to meet up in-person. We finished our infographic and designed the final in Figma in order to make it interactive as the user opens it from the account sign up page. While half of our group worked on this (myself included), the other half worked on our short video presentation. We chose to create the video as if the user were going through this process. To summarize, we started with a mockup of instagram that showed the drawbacks of social media and inserted a quote that expresses the concerns with accessibility of social media to under age children. Then, the video goes through making an account with our solution: sign up, answer the quiz wrong, look over the infographic, re-take the quiz, and ultimately get all questions right to proceed with making an account.

Our group presenting our final solution (Karsen, Emeris, Miriam, Adam)

Looking back on all the things my group struggled with and overcame, I am proud of what we created. We set out to solve the problem of children under the age of 13 off of social media and we came up with a viable solution. Our solution acts as the “driver’s license” one must obtain before getting in the car, which can be used as a way to teach young minds how to be safe on social media. Going forward, we would want to explore a partnership with Google so as to make this solution viable for all social platforms as a way to spread the knowledge of safe technology use among young generations and get their parents/guardians involved in that education. We realize that ours may not be the only solution to such a big problem, but in educating the masses, we feel this has enough traction to keeping social media safe in the future.

All the Texas State teams after the final presentations




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Miriam Listiak

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