Ethical Dilemma Reasoning

I’ve decided to cover my opinion on the option 1 dilemma about how if there was a trolley speeding down a road with five people tied down to the tracks would you derail it inly to have the trolley take the alternate route with a single person tied down or would you just do nothing at all and watch as the trolley hit the five people. Now there are certain questions you must take into consideration. For example, what if the five people trapped were all convicts who had performed heinous crimes while the rout with the singular person was an innocent civilian, or what if the single person tied down was one of your family members. Moreover, what if the route of five people were all women who were pregnant but the route had a child tied down on the tracks. There are endless combinations of different people who could be the victims of that fatal decision you’d have to make. Personally, I would never want to be the one to play the grim reaper and decide whose time was up and who got to survive. Not to mention you'd have the guilt of putting someone's life to an end on your conscious for the rest of your life which is something I could never endure. However, just being a bystander and not taking any action would probably cause me even more unsettling anguish on my mentality. If it really came down to it and I didn't know the backstory of the strangers on the tracks then I would have to say that I would save the greater number of people and derail the trolley to the opposite route with the single victim. On the other hand, If I read more into the option 1 question, I could make up an alternate scenario in which I could sacrifice myself in front of the trolley to stop it, or I could possess explosive or other tools that would be able to terminate the trolley from reaching the people. If those options would be the case then definitely I would put myself into the line of fire above choosing life or death for random pedestrians.

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