we should recognize that the need to assert one’s intelligence, status or control is a throwback to colonization and imperialism.
To the U.S. Resistance Movement: America Is Not Exceptional
Jennifer Lentfer

Asserting intelligence is not welcome in a post colonial world? I’m sure that’s not what you meant… so it’s strange to include in this list. Status and control make more sense to your overall thesis however I still disagree. Leveraging status may be distasteful to the postmodern palate but it is not actually optional to the human experience. Social status is not just ascribed, it is also earned (or lost) in many ways over a person’s lifetime. We may much more easily decide to give up trying to control other people but again… really? We all participate in indirect control when we vote in a democratic election. And then there are those of us who have children… And those who are managers, or teachers, or who take care of safety on a job site. I want to those people to have control, at least some. And I think that where ever we draw the line as a society about how much control is enough and how much is too much, it is an existential question, not a post-colonial one.

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