It’s my fault too.

There was a reason why I stopped gambling.

Looking for the rush, but always leaving empty handed.

Feeling high, but not truly alive.

I should have known better when I let you put

your hands on me

inside of me

your lips on mine

places where they shouldn’t be.

You got what you came for,

now let me be.

It’s going to be a long road of recovery.

Consider yourself lucky

that I have grown to be a woman of grace,

because there’s so many lies to be traced.

I never should have let it get this far,

crossing the line when we went to that bar.

All I could think about were those eyes,

and how I could try to find out what’s deep inside.

Some codes aren’t meant to be cracked

I ended up stabbing myself in the back.

How could I possibly think that a man like you

could love a woman like me?

Blissful ignorance to the reality.

You were my last gamble, my last high.


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