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Do you hear that?

Me neither. It’s the sound of absolute still and pregnant silence. It wants to eat you and consume you, merge with your blood and become your mind soup, it’s COVID-19.

I realize we’re all struggling with this together. Today though, I can’t seem to get out of my own experience and recognize the other.

The energy feels neurotic. Like desperately waiting for news to bring you answers only to find another obstacle that brings you back to the same silence.

COVID-19 should be a verb after this.

Maybe it will be a new term that introverts can use in the future:

Pat: “Hey Billy, would you like to come out and have a coffee with me, discuss the new short films that SXSW just released?” …

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There’s so much noise on social media right now, Medium being another one of those platforms where people have flocked to express themselves and just like anywhere else it can be overwhelming and irrelevant.

It’s distracting from actually creating something of value. It traps people who are operating from fear in a place of helplessness; where they churn out stories like cheeseburgers.

Thank you, but I don’t do fast food.

We are meant to go into deep spaces of solitude and isolation to bring back treasures from our psyche that are true gold.

But what happens when you jump onto a digital platform to share that hard earned gold and find that people are spinning gold like it’s coming out of their ears? The noise devalues that experience and so much of what is coming out right now is based on a fear of survival. …

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Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

We live in a post Coronavirus world, and it isn’t even over yet. In fact it has just begun as we slip into our second week of national quarantine with the pandemic compromising elections, job security, false hopes.

We are all too familiar with the headlines circulating about the COVID-19, the numbers, the fatalities, the red glowing dots of concentrated infections. But what about the people who were on the verge of launching something truly lovely: a book, a business, a brand?

Assess the situation

What have you lost?

This is a really big question right now for everyone, from large organizations, to small startups, to entrepreneurs incubating their precious ideas. This could be a number of things depending on your field of interest. Perhaps you lost readers, because all attention has been sucked into the present situation. Perhaps you lost the place where you actually conduct business, your office, your school; perhaps your loss is financial. …

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Author reading library book

“I feel guilty for holding my girlfriend’s hand.

On really off days, I feel shameful for wearing men’s clothing; although I look fucking great in them.

I judge myself for being infinitesimally productive on a weekday.

I feel awkward when I’m “too loud” in a public space.

I feel shameful when I feel like “I’m too much” for people.”

But why? I could go on listing a plethora of things that make me uncomfortable and cause me to question myself in public spaces, perceived or real. …

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Portrait of Author at The National Memorial For Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL. Photo by Krystal Meisel

My father always said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist.

After today’s visit to The National Memorial For Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama I now understand how a white southern male would come to this conclusion.

I’m totally speechless after spending the entire day saturated with echoes of slavery and the continued rhetoric of white supremacy. It’s true, in order to move on we must, as people, reckon with our past of brutal terror against people of color.

It’s quite easy to disassociate yourself from being racist by abhorring the idea of hating others for their skin color. …

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Portrait of Author in Southern Alabama by Krystal Meisel

Apparently I’m a racist, swamp-dwellin’, catfish-eating southern belle. Don’t believe me? I couldn’t believe it either, but here I am in the throes of my genealogical line and it is littered with slave owners, farmers, murderers, strong women, cotton fields, red dirt, seafood, and a whole lot of…


That’s all I’ve heard for my whole life; not even the comfort of cicadas in the background. Just total complete silence.

It’s a jarring process to find out who you are especially when you’ve spent your life in the pursuit of being not… yourself.

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Taking a moment to determine what you want to cultivate in your personal life will have spill-over effects in all areas that concern you. One of the biggest punches in the gut that can throw your leadership game out of whack is feeling personally attacked by gossip from someone who doesn’t know you, or worse, someone who does.

In this article, I will share a technique that has saved me a lot of guessing when navigating old and new relationships alike.

How do you find inspiration even when you feel like you’ve maxed out on your attention span?

I’m writing this even though I don’t feel particularly inspired. It helps me realize that what I write doesn’t need to be spectacular but authentic. That I don’t need to wait for inspiration to swoop me up but that whatever state I’m in, I can show up and bring what’s most important to the table: myself.

Although my creativity tank is low I’m going to share a few things I like to do that always restores my sanity.

Turn Off Electronics

When I‘m feeling particularly apathetic as an entrepreneur I’m well-aware that my artistic meter is near running on empty.

I find one of the single most difficult things to do when you embark on your journey towards your highest goals is believing in yourself. There’s something about being almost there that can you send you into a tailspin of confusion. Here’s some ways you can move into your truth by empowering your belief in your highest potential.

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Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Study Your Favorite Superheroes

The journey of a superhero from being ordinary to being a bonafide action hero is one wrought with tension, conflict, and most importantly doubt.

It’s a lie. Don’t believe what they tell you. If you’re engaging with media frequently it’s easy to equate your success with your amount of followers. What an awful ceiling to hit. Here’s five ways to dig down into your purpose and feed your creative soul.

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Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Tighten Your Belt

Dial in your social media time to fit in with your multi-faceted schedule. Don’t forget why you’re there. Stay on mission. It’s too easy to get caught up in a capsule of internet death. Have clear intentions when approaching the world wide web; it’s sticky in there and sometimes you don’t get out of it without bleeding a little bit. I have difficult days where I can’t seem to peel myself away from the screen jumping into every rabbit hole, veering wildly off task. All that does is dilute my purpose and intention. Suddenly I begin questioning if perhaps I should switch things up at the last minute, or worse, I freeze. Total catatonic entrepreneur death. It’s real. You know it. That’s why you’re reading this. Love browsing? Set it up as a date you get to take with yourself. …


M.L. Moody

Writer. Artist. Podcaster. Video Blogger. Entrepreneur. Here to dismantle my own white supremacy. What else is there?

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