Twitter, Better than Linkedin News Feed for B2B

Over the past four months I developed and hosted content for over 7 webinars to help promote my company’s brand and joint partnerships in the area of Big Data. The majority of these webinars were focused on BI Analytics, the value of Apache Hadoop, and Data Ingestion. Each webinar drove an average of 500 registrants and over 80 attendees.

Over this period of time I learned a lot about what it takes to drive registrants to these online presentations. Besides all the work involved in developing the right content, title, and abstract, you need to be aware of how you promote these webinars. How effectively you promote can either make or break the ROI of this valuable means of communication. For one, Twitter, from a B2B perspective, should be your friend in reaching your core audience. Generally, I believe Twitter is underrated relative to Linkedin and email based marketing.

Why is Twitter underrated? I believe many fellow marketers are stuck in the past. Yes you! How many of you are overly reliant on email to drive attendance to marketing events? How many of you are consistently pushing relevant content or providing value to others in your industry? How many of you are posting to Linkedin thinking you will hit your target audience due to their platform focus? When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?

What’s great about Twitter, as a means of B2B communication, is that you have the control. It is a quick “text bite” that can easily consume and quickly get you to the information you are most interested in. Furthermore, if you are a good marketer, using the platform to push out quality content or retweeting relevant content, your audience will be engaged and open to seeing what you are promoting.

Getting back to my main point… Why is Twitter a better news feed than Linkedin? Bottom line, you can more easily curate who you want to follow. Relative to a couple years ago, I absolutely loved my Linkedin news feed because it was all business, all the time. Now, for whatever reason, they decided to water down the news feed with too many ads, while many users started posting way too many motivational quotes or personal anecdotes. Twitter, on the other hand, is all business all the time. Yes, they have ads too (of course) but it is more controlled and a lot of that control is in your hands.

You will read how Twitter is no longer the optimal platform for social media but, I will argue, Twitter is an indispensable tool in the age of content marketing. Furthermore, it is the core to B2B marketing in this generation.

I am a big Gary Vaynerchuk fan and I agree with him on the point that people need to try a variety of social media platforms to find out what works best for their business needs. Ultimately, creating awareness is about making sure your core audience knows who you are, what you do, the value of your product, service, and company. All I can tell you, for webinar promotion, don’t discount Twitter just because you don’t understand it (yet) or because you prioritize newsletters and LinkedIn posts over it.