An ‘Australian twist’ for your MLM business plan

An MLM business may have many business plans to choose from, but two of the best plans in the industry are the Australian Binary and the Australina X-up MLM plans. These let sponsors grow the business network in manner of their choosing.
There are many MLM business plans that are used across the globe by various MLM companies. These are not limited to breakaway, differential bonus, generation bonus, unilevel, binary, matrix, board, party, hybrid, tri-binary, Australian binary, Australian X-up, generation, stair step breakaway, monoline, spill over, gift, etc. 
Most of these plans are quite popular and used regularly by MLM organizations to fix benefits, incentives and compensation for distributors and sponsors through the MLM income calculators. However, there are two plans that are not used as often, but are still cited as examples of good MLM compensation plans. They are the Australian MLM compensation plans, i.e., the Australian Binary MLM plan and the Australian X-up MLM plan. These plans are not used regularly as the MLM industry has some rumours about these plans being difficult to execute and their compensation structure being a wee bit unfair for the various distributors and their downlines.

Let us begin with the Australian Binary MLM plan. In this MLM plan, a distributor can have any number of legs under him and can have the new sponsors placed either directly under him or under his sponsors or under any other downline that he feels right. The plan basically gives the sponsor the authority to build his network as he wishes to. One may say that this plan has a look and feel of a tri-binary plan, but it is slightly different than a tri binary MLM plan. 
In an Australian binary MLM plan, a distributor does not have to balance the legs of the network below him, but in a tri-binary plan, a sponsor has to do that in order to get a higher commission/ incentive/ compensation. The Australian Binary plan, when compared to other MLM plans, has a much quicker and better compensation scheme. Also, this MLM business plan does not depend on levels like most other binary MLM plans. The Australian MLM plan is suitable for distributors and MLM company owners due to the ease of operation and execution. 
Coming to the Australian X-Up MLM plan, this is a plan that many distributors want to avoid. Many people believe that this plan does not adequately compensate the distributors, but we believe otherwise. The Australian X-up plan is similar to the Unilevel MLM plan. In this plan, the commission/ incentives/ bonuses of the first few sales or of the first few sponsors signed on by the distributors go directly to your upline. The subsequent sales and signups are what let you collect your commission. 
The number that qualifies as the first few is decided by the MLM business. This makes many distributors unhappy as many people believe that their hard earned commission is going to the uplines. However, we believe that when you have the onus for signing on more people below your downlines, you always keep focusing on adding more sponsors below you and then focus on getting sponsors below them. 
This is an excellent way to grow the MLM network, as it motivates your downlines to spread the network deep and wide. You will also be getting compensated for the business that your MLM network is doing, and therefore, you are in fact getting more compensation than you would otherwise get from a normal MLM business plan.

Although, the Australian X-up MLM plan means good, it usually drives a lot of distributors away and MLM business owners have not been successful in getting this business structure to work successfully. 
Another important point necessary for the MLM business to work smoothly is the MLM software. Your MLM business needs an MLM software provider who can easily tailor their software to the meet the needs of your business. DNB MLM Software Solutions is an experienced company with over 7 years of experience in providing customized software solutions to MLM businesses across the globe. Apart from providing the usual support functions that an MLM software needs, DNB has been successful in providing solutions to a variety of companies using different MLM business plans and has helped countless others migrate from one business structure to the other. 
In conclusion, we would like to underscore the importance of choosing the right compensation structure for your network marketing business, because just like every other business, ‘one size doesn’t fit all’… It’s about researching and going through your own set of trials and error to figure out what works best for you.