In multi-level selling business there are various MLM business plans or pyramid schemes to sell products and services. Matrix plan which is also known as Forced Matrix MLM Plan or Ladder Plan is one of such MLM business plan. In Matrix plan the MLM tree or genealogy is organized in a pyramid pattern which has fixed width and depth. Example: 2X2 matrix or 3X5 matrix. This plans are very popular USA, UK, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, ITALY and most of the developed countries.

The member or user who joins into the matrix plan gets compensated when they recruits new members in step with the extent set by the MLM Company. Also, they are paid commissions for every repurchase, new sale or renewals depending on the networking company business plan.

Advantages of Matrix MLM Plan.

It is very easy to understand and explain

Commission calculation is very simple and transparent

Very less risky compare to Binary systems

Easy to duplicate and that is why it gets promoted very easily

Suitable for both products and services.

Highly recommended for Mobile recharge, Airtime and Data Selling, Ticket Booking etc

About DNB Matrix MLM Software.

At DNB we provide world class and fully advance MLM Software solutions and MLM business plan consulting services for clients across the globe. With over 12 years of experience and highly professional team of developers and customer support, we always deliver excellence.


Why choose DNB MLM Software for your Matrix MLM business?

3000+ mlm projects completed successfully

12+ year of mlm software experienced

30+ professional and experienced team

100+ advance features and modules

24/7 customer support on Phone, Live Chat, WhatsApp and Skype

100% secure and hack proof

5 time faster speed in payout calculations

Technical Advantages of DNB MLM software solutions:

100% customized — Our software solutions are made from scratch every time for every new customer. This allows customer to decide and shape his own project as he needs. This will also make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied as they will get what they have though of. With our experience, in MLM industry there is no ready to use solution which can meet client requirements. Every MLM company has his own needs and requirements, this is why we prefer to develop custom solutions for each client as per their requirements.

Highly Scalable — Whenever we start working on the project, we always make provisions for future expansions and modifications. This allows us to implement new features and modules easily in future.

Robust and secured — As we are developing each solution separately there is no copy of exact same solution in the market. This gives us assurance that our solutions is more robust and secured.

Flexibility of configuration — We provide maximum possible configuration option to super administrator. This will reduce our support and maintenance work and client can make his decisions on time without any delay from technical team.

Fast Bonus Computation — Our research and experience has given birth to set of croan processes which will allow fast bonus computation for even thousands of records and thousands of transactions.

Flexible KPI & dashboards — Our software solution will provide KIP and Dashboards as per client requirements. This KPI and Dashboards are 100% designed with client feedback and requirement.

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