Actions VS Words

Actions trump words every time

Actions and words tend to be the same thing in the mind of most people. Do we all know that words are what we say and actions are what we do? The powers of actions trump words every time. The last 10 years has brought about a time of ambiguity which makes it tougher for people to understand the difference between words and actions. We see more and more people over emphasizing their words which appears to be an attempt to cover up lack of action. Why are actions so much more important than words? Can words be put into action?

Why are words less important than actions? This is a slippery slope. You hear people say all the time that words have meaning. The only meaning of words is assigned by the person hearing them. Think about the phrase “I love you.” This phrase can have several meanings depending on how it is said and the circumstances along with tonality. Actions present a more concrete meaning. If you don’t believe me just ask any man that has missed his wife’s birthday or anniversary. These men know that the words do not have the meaning anywhere close to actions that must be taken. We all know those people that seems to talk all the time about being religious, having a great corporate culture, knowing this person or that person. We also know people whose actions are that of a religious person, a company that takes care of employees and the guy that has pictures of his famous friends in his house and doesn’t brag. If you are like me the latter conveys more about the person or company than the former wouldn’t you agree?

Yes words can be put into action. The missing piece of this 3 piece puzzle is the plan. What happens is that a majority of people say things and keep saying things and keep saying things. With no action preceding your words you end up looking like a fool. In today’s world you will most likely not ever be called out on your empty promises. People will just think of you as the person that talks a big game and does not deliver. This will ruin your credibility if kept up. Simply insert a plan after your words with action steps and check them off the list. This is the simplified version. Please do not confuse this idea of having a plan as easy. It can be the most daunting task depending on what actions you are looking to take and the goal you are trying to accomplish. A plan does give you something to grab onto to help steer.

Be a person of action. This is something everyone including myself should work on everyday. Great actions bring great feelings. We all know when we take actions that are not inline with our values. You get that feeling in your gut. Words on the other hand do not bring the same good or bad feelings as actions.

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