This week’s Top 10 YouTube videos*

My latest blog post listing the Top 10 YouTube videos (based on total view counts for the past 7 days) that have at least one closed caption track (or subtitle track) for accessibility and inclusion.

I personally recommend the No.1 and No.7 videos.

Caveat for YouTube content creators: If you don’t have closed captions (or a subtitle) track then you won’t make our Top 10!

No.1 — Choose to Smile

No.2 — Ekko: Seconds

No.3 — The Try Guys try labour pain simulation — motherhood (Part 4)

No.4 — The Try Guys raise robot babies — motherhood (Part 3)

No.5 — Honest Indian Weddings (Part 1)

No.6–90 days of working out with P90X

No.7 — MÃE

No.8 — Video art inspired by Galaxy S6 Edge

No.9 — Teens react to 90's hand-held games

No.10 — Honest Indian Weddings (Part 2)


The results have been extracted using YouTube’s data API version 3.

Also even if the caption and / or subtitle tracks are not in your preferred language, it’s super easy to use Google’s auto-translation option within YouTube which gives dramatically improved results compared to auto-generated craption tracks!

Here’s a couple of screenshots of from the “Choose to Smile” auto-generated English craptions! Make sure you auto-translate from French — -> English or Dutch — -> English to avoid these!

First picture has English auto-craptions that read — “Sharon learn to Israel can be to return to find” — the second picture has English auto-craptions that read — “foreign land dispute her return to grand”