Cultural Deconstruction Lesson 1

The secular profits of doom are those in which reverse the order of things, by making what’s wrong, right, and what’s good, bad. In a sense, what #Oprah and #Ellen have done, and her Legions of ‘Hope’. Hoping for a better world outside the lie that has constructed around them. Who are Oprah and Ellen but not professional actors? I don’t know them, never met them but through their ‘Art.’ How did these people come to be and why do they wield power? What is power? Power is that which is good, should make you feel good about who you are and not feel like one is left out of anything. Power is that which heals, not shams; power is that which promotes peace, not obedience. Power is his, and his alone. Christ Jesus. Not of men, but of God, in this, we must understand for correction to manifest. Give glory to his name, and glory rewarded. Turn away from the darkness.