Cultural Deconstruction Lesson 2

Those taught, not by the curiosity of spirit, but docile dilapidations of the will to life, have been lead astray by ever changing escalation of chaos to confusion. Ordered Chaos is not possible within the context of the peaceful, only the great desire war and ever changing degree of confusion within themselves and through the projection of invisible fears onto others. The death of the Sprint leads one to be that of a bird, afraid of all, but yet powerful by obedience. By their seeds, they seek life, but in their soul is death foretold as life. In this, we know that by hate and contempt for all they cry ‘crime!’ But I say to the weary of heart and mind; Christ has overcome man. In his life, we have faith in the truth of that which is to come by way of judgment, not in death, but an understanding of life. They who have turned away have done so out of greed of mind, and destruction of heart, but within each are the spirit which cannot overwhelm, but by his truth, we have that which is not known to those in the flesh. By his grace, we are given victory, and by his death, we have life, whereby in his understanding, we have the truth of those things which are to come. For who understand the mind of God, but by the Son of Man. I walk with my father; he teaches me, and by this, I give him praise for what he created.