Dog eat dog

Man always find the man hidden inside to execute that which he is, beast. For hate is fear, and by fear we hate that which we do not understand, But Christ called us to fellowship with those around us and that which we can see by contact, not the imaginary, but through connection to those of the spirit. Two enraged dogs will kill each other for a bone, but what left after are hate, flesh, and death. But brothers share, and by doing so have peace, within themselves in the spirit, not for the desire and wants of the flesh, which is that of sin in death, not life, but hate, not love, but fear, not victory, but defeat. For in Christ Jesus, we have victory over those who seek death, we save peace, not to the world, but amongst friends. By law, we are called to spread the word of salvation, and by his word anointed in the blood, water and spirit of Christ Jesus. Those who fail to hear, do so out of pride and contempt for that which is genuine.