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Samuel Reed

> Unpublishing hundreds of modules that are vitally important to the ecosystem is the very definition of a “knee-jerk reaction”.

The modules are still open source, anyone can use them directly form github or fork, and make their own.

I understand it was complicated to handle the issue. However I do agree with OP, if we don’t stand for our ideals, and open-source is one of them, who will?

IMO NPM shouldn’t have taken that down just because of some pressure. That means, anyone can do the same. It should have gone trough the legal ways and only after the disclosure take it down (if that was actually the decision). And also because NPM is just the man in the middle, they only took the module from NPM, but the module still exists, so the lawyers didn’t solve that “trademark issue”.

Another thing I got to say is when you mention unplublishing modules that are important for the ecosystem, do you know if Kik wasn’t one of them? Isn’t that being used on other projects? How should the people affected by the removal of Kik feel?

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