Tassilo Klein, Moin Nabi (ML Research)

Deep learning has heralded a new era in artificial intelligence, establishing itself in integral parts of today’s world within a short time. Despite its immense power — often achieving super-human performance at specific tasks — modern AI suffers from numerous shortcomings and is still far away from what is known as general artificial intelligence. These shortcomings become particularly prominent in AI’s limited capability in understanding human language. Everyone who has interacted in one way or another with a chatbot or text generation engine might have noticed that the longer the interaction goes on with the machine, the staler it gets. When generating long passages of text, for instance, a lack of consistency and human-feel can be observed. Essentially, this highlights that the model behind does not really understand what it says and does. Rather it is more or less walking along paths of statistical patterns of word usage and argument structure, which it acquired during training from perusing through huge text corpora. …

SAP AI Research

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