Marie-Lynn Richard
May 13, 2016 · 1 min read

I had to wait until I was around 30 to have my breasts surgically removed. They were fantastic. However, I still get comments sometimes because D falls into the leering range still.

Thank you 1 million time for this essay. It goes at the source of the culture we live in.

Adults and older boys started paying me undo attention around 5 so that was a long time still before I knew about rape. Even with 40 years of effort, and even successful effort to get away from kidnappers, fight back against physical attacks and rape attempts, I still feel the same way you do, every time a random man encroaches. Is this the day before everybody starts blaming me for my rape and murder?

At this point, I have set up a completely unreasonable system for avoiding any kind of victimization… I am not really scared of being attacked. I am not scared of meeting new people… I am simply scared of people’s incapacity to have compassion for women who are victims of rape and sexual assault in every sphere of society. This is not something I can protect myself against.

Our entire lives have been polluted by this obsession to find reasons to blame women for everything bad that happens to them. It has a dehumanizing effect on all women who come into contact with the stories of victims or are victims themselves.

    Marie-Lynn Richard

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    Nillionaire Philanthropist Aspie w/ 20+ yrs exp. DevOps WordPress Custom 4 CEOs & Premium Hosting/Mngmt. #DIY, #knitting, #embroidery obsessed.

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