Increase Your Content’s Reach Without Adding to Your Workload

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I have been in the online business game for 3 years now. I used to think I had to crank out new, original content every single day to continue providing value to my audience and positioning myself as an expert in my field.

Because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

Trying to create new content every day is a waste of your time. With Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms keeping your content from reaching 95% of your follower’s feeds, you are wasting your time trying to be original. …

Without burning yourself out teaching group classes

You are passionate about teaching yoga but the business aspect is leaving you completely overwhelmed.

When you did your 200hr YTT, no one told you that you had to be an expert in business to make a living teaching yoga.

It’s no secret that teaching classes in a studio won’t pay the bills. If you’re lucky, you’ll make $40/class. Even with a loaded schedule, you are exhausted running around between studios and burning yourself out trying to pay rent.

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What Yoga Teacher Training Doesn’t Teach You

200hr YTT programs are great to learn anatomy, study philosophy, and practice sequencing classes and private sessions. But what these programs fail to teach you are how to effectively build a community, engage an audience, and build valuable high-ticket offerings.

Why I Only Offer 20-Minute Yoga Classes

Yoga studios have 60–75 minute classes, so why do I only have 15–20-minute classes?

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Yoga is a lifestyle practice, not a workout routine. It is a practice that I feel should beintentionally integrated into your life not just your workout routine.


My goal as a yoga teacher is to break the stigma that a yoga practice “should” look a certain way. And that starts by offering shorter, more diverse offerings.

I can’t tell you what you need today, only you can do that.

When yoga was brought to the West, we of course turned it into a commercialized, trendy workout routine. We turned it into a “glorified stretching” class. But yoga is so much more than that and it hurts to think that we have whittled a beautiful practice down to something so simple. …

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

It’s not un-yogic to sell your services or use social media strategically. You can be successful and still be authentic.

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Teaching yoga often starts off as a passion. I don’t know many people who go into the yoga business looking to make a ton of money or find crazy amounts of success. We do it because the practice of yoga changed our life — and we want to share that with the world.

This passion for teaching yoga has become an entire industry of virtual classes, workshops, programs, courses, and extremely successful businesses. …

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Begin by taking a few deep breaths.

Inhale all the way into the crown of your head. Exhale all the way to the base of the spine.

Continue on — breathing even deeper than may feel comfortable at first.

Long pause.

Today we are focusing on connection to our sacral chakra.

This chakra is located in the pelvic bowl. The element of the chakra is water.

Imagine your breath as waves of an ocean, passing through your body.

This energy center is where we hold our intimacy and our connection to others. …

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Find a comfortable position either sitting up or laying down. Set yourself up in a way where you are rid of any distractions and you can relax into stillness.

Begin to find your breath as you arrive in your body.

As you enter into your day today, notice the thought patterns you come in with. Often we enter into situations such as work, relationships, or chores with a negative mindset — setting the tone for a negative experience.

Release and let go of any and all expectations you have for the day, leaving room for gratitude, compassion, and positivity.

Take a deep breath in. And sigh it all out. …

What They Don’t Tell You in Your Yoga Teacher Training

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Becoming a certified yoga instructor is not an easy journey. You are required to attend a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program (YTT) in order to be certified through the Yoga Alliance — and these 200 hour YTT programs are intense.

Teachers are required to attend 200 hours of lectures and workshops on top of additional hours doing assigned readings and taking yoga classes at the program’s studio. It often totals over 250 hours of yoga.

When I did my training, I was constantly juggling my philosophy books, my teaching notebook, and rushing to the studio to take my fifth class of the week. …

You Don’t Need to Lose Your Zen during COVID

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It’s not easy to stay motivated to do yoga without the safety and security of a yoga studio. In fact, most students I work with say that they find it hard to do yoga at all and their practice has pretty much fallen apart during this pandemic. When everyone is encouraged to stay home, how can anyone be expected to have the same discipline they did when they had the option to go to the yoga studio or gym every day?

As a yoga teacher, I receive messages every day asking how I stayed motivated and disciplined in my own personal yoga practice. This isn’t an easy answer since I just like any other student to adjust to this new norm and find motivation. …

2 Things You Weren’t Told in Your Yoga Teacher Training

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A lot of information gets thrown at you in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. In my training, I learned everything from the anatomy of the lungs to the origins of Yin Yoga. However, looking back on my journey as a teacher, I learned a whole lot about supporting my students and not enough about supporting myself.

Now that I mentor yoga teachers and help them take their passion for teaching to another level, it’s clear to me that teacher training programs are falling short in giving teachers the tools to manage stress and negative thoughts while teaching.

The fears and discomforts of teaching yoga is paralyzing instructors.

For Those Days When You Just Got Nothin’

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As yoga teachers people always think that we are happy, inspiring beams of light every second of every day. We just ooze sparkles and sunshine and inspirational quotes all day long and we spend our days meditating, taking long baths, eating granola, and practicing our handstand.


Of course not — we are humans who experience the ups and downs of life just like everyone else. Many of us have corporate jobs, families, friends, pets and we live normal, stressful lives that are anything but perfect.

As humans, we aren’t always feeling as inspired as the quotes we post on our Instagram or the words we use in class. We may sit down on a Tuesday night to plan our class, fully prepared to preach all about love and gratitude, just to wake up on Wednesday before class feeling sad and anxious. …


Meg Sangimino

“The only thing you should ever truly take seriously in this life is the pursuit of your own joy.”

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