Why I’m not completely sold on the ARKit revolution
TonyVT SkarredGhost

I believe ARKit will shake things up but not in its current state and definitely not on anything for the iPhone 7 Plus and older. One problem I had when demoing ARKit apps was lighting. Now, I understood how to fix the situation so that my app worked correctly but who’s to say the average user would be able to do the same?

The iPhone 8 with better sensors could easily fix the situation but then it comes down to ARKit apps working properly on one given device while being a gimmick on the others.

I also don’t feel like app developers would be willing to adopt it so easily. ARKit seems like it’d be a pet project for most companies and not necessarily something you’d want to sink time and resources in. It also requires the common app developer to learn a different side of iOS that they probably don’t use every day since ARKit seems to rely more on SpriteKit and SceneKit as opposed to UIKit.

So in its current state I think it needs work. It’s already pretty simple but it needs to be made a bit easier in regards to implementation and it needs a purpose like you said in your article. Think about all the changes to remote notifications and how many of those changes have actually been implemented into apps. I’ve yet to see an extremely detailed notification because there’s no need for them. The option to implement them are there but nobody is using them because a rich notification, at its basic level, is the same as a basic notification. So what’s the point in having a prettier notification when it’s just going to alert you with the same exact information as a basic one?

This goes back to ARKit. What’s the point in having a ruler in AR when I could just buy a ruler and not have to deal with device limitations and user error? If at the basic level I want to measure things then why rely on something that can fail or why rely on something because it’s “prettier”?

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