Array of Color

By: Meredith Sills

Victoria Daily, sophomore, is an Art major at the University of Mississippi. She is currently working on an oil painting for her advanced art class. The class meets every Monday from 2–5 p.m, and they work on different projects ranging from drawing and sketching to painting. This is her first time doing an oil painting, and it has been very time consuming because of the detail in design it requires, but it is coming along stroke by stroke.

Daily’s art class meets on the second floor of Meek hall in a painting studio. She said it takes about thirty minutes every class period to set up her work space and get her paint brushes and paint together before she begins. Each art student gets their own rolling cart to store their supplies because there are not many students in each class.
The paints and paint brushes used for each project are bought by the student. Daily said she is very cautious with how much paint she uses at a time because she doesn’t like to waste the paint. She uses different types of paints depending on the project, but she said this project in particular is very expensive because it requires oil paint.
The board used to put the paints on to mix is a wooden block that is easily washable. Daily puts the colors she wants to mix near each other so she can keep them separate, but also mix together. She took a color theory class her freshman year on how to properly mix paints.
Daily carefully paints her canvas section by section so she doesn’t mess up. She lightly sketches out what she is going to paint on the canvas before she fills it in, so she has a guideline as she paints. She said she tries to not focus on the end result while she’s in the painting process because she likes to keep an open mind with the turnout of her projects.
The almost finished project of the painting Daily has been working on for several weeks in and out of class. She said its not her best work because she is still getting used to this type of painting, but she is very pleased with the progress.