Free Hand

4 min readMay 19, 2022


What is Free Hand?

Free Hand a NFT collection of 2882 free hand frens .Hand drawn traits, no ruler, just a free hand, even some lines aren’t aligned.

What is this project about?

Free hand means drawing freely, no ruler or anything. This project wants to give a message that everyone can create something, draw something, cuz there are no rules in making art. Our project brings a free hand theme to it, because sometimes creating art doesn’t need any guides, and you can let your hands free.

Who is melt?


Mlted is a rising 19-year-old Artist from Bandung, Indonesia. Since his childhood, drawing has always been a hobby, gravitating towards pieces that reflect his emotions, sights, and curiosity. In his early teenage years, he developed the desire to further his artistic knowledge.

Unfortunately, it was a challenge to improve and develop his skill given the limited opportunities and resources in Indonesia. However, the NFT community has provided him with an environment to learn and showcase his talents. Having joined the NFT space in April 2021, Mlted has quickly enhanced his digital art skills allowing him to produce his NFT collections, with his most noteworthy being a collection of 1/1 art pieces entitled “UPSIDEDOWN_NFT,” which he remarkably draws entirely upside down.

Who else is on the core team?

Our core team consists of 2 additional members: Marv and Buzz. Marv handles collabs, Twitter posts, and most of the contests and raffles you see around our Discord. Buzz is our technical guru, working away on the mint mechanics and smart contract.

We also have a handful of community members that help out as well. We’re happy to have maxofato around to bounce ideas off when he’s not too busy with Whiskers and Causal Hindu when he’s not too busy saving the world. Our lovely moderators Weirdfish118 and Cheerybee poke around the chat and keep it friendly. We’re happy to have everyone on board.

Wen handlist?

This is a strictly no grinding community. This Discord is for meeting new friends, building community, and having genuine interactions. Mlted has made it clear that those selected for the handlist are going to be those who are simply most excited about the art.

We will be periodically running events for handlist spots! Make sure you keep an eye on the announcements and our Twitter page for more.


Roadmap = art. Right now, what we can promise is a smooth mint and some incredible PFP art from the hands of Melt. That being said, 50% of our initial mint and 100% of secondary royalties will be going to our community multisig wallet. With that, we’re hoping to do cool things like 1/1 collabs, giveaways, educational materials, a vault/museum, and even spotlighting some talented artists in our communities. We’re a team that’s dedicated to highlighting small and upcoming digital artists, and we hope to do more to empower all of you to go out and create.

How much?

Since the very beginning, we’ve been focused on building a small collection with good potential. We don’t want mint price to be an overly prohibitive for our community, and we’re excited to announce the Free Hand will mint for .0550 ETH.

Wen mint?

As of now, we are planning to mint on June 2nd. Mint will consist of a 24 hour handlist mint, followed by either a reserve or public mint based on demand. Reveal is planned to happen 24–48 hours after we sell out!

Keep creating!!