The first advice I can give you all is, do not pay attention to hype. Every year there is a new programming language, framework, library, pattern, component architecture or paradigm that takes the blogosphere by storm. People get crazy about it. Conferences are given. Books are written. Gartner hype cycles rise and fall. Consultants charge insane amounts of money to teach, deploy or otherwise fuckup the lives of people in this industry. The press will support these horrors and will make you feel guilty if you do not pay attention to them.
Being A Developer After 40
Adrian Kosmaczewski

I started as a developer in May 1990, after 25 years in IT (I’m a somewhat “former” developer) I would underline EXACTLY the same point, I’d even make an acronym like “FTH” (Forget The Hype!): the start programming language of today, the one you simply cannot afford not be fluent with, it’ll be the absolute “antique” in just a few years, with young programmers asking you “What? Did you *really* code in that thing?” with a kind of mixed expression between horror and suspicion about your professional skills :-)

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