A Very Brief and Amateur Review: Suicide Squad

Before you say anything, yes, I realize I am an extremely tardy member of the Suicide Squad movie train. However, the holidays are nearly over and I have been working on my Netflix queue so a review had to naturally follow. I’ve got things to say, you know this by now, yeah?

For those of you also late to the station boarding the movie train, here is your warning. This will contain spoilers.

Okay, then. Let’s walk through this plot line.

Superman’s dead or gone or something and Amanda Waller is highly concerned with future alien/metahumans interactions not being as pleasant or in favor for the greater good. So she proposes to form Task Force X (the Suicide Squad, though the name’s not mentioned until later on in the film by Deadshot). Being the bad bitch she is, Waller suggests using criminals as a fail safe.

We get introduced to the villain recruits during Waller’s proposal to the Sheriff from Stranger Things where we get snaps of how they ended up in the prison. Waller is then given the go ahead from Mr. Sheriff to present her idea to big government dudes in a low lit conference room so you know it’s extra serious and we get to see June Moon/Enchantress in action and Rick Flag concerned. Man put a flag on the moon for a reason which is a bad pun but explains the relationship between the two characters. Waller is able to control Enchantress who ends up reviving her brother while in control of Dr. Moon.

Enchantress and her brother are then established as the big bad the squad is fighting. They kill Slipknot within the first 2 minutes he’s introduced and The Joker has his own side quest in trying to get Harley back. He almost does, but then he doesn’t.

Diablo finally uses his powers without being provoked and then dies. Harley Quinn is confirmed a Hufflepuff when she ends up taking Enchantress’ heart after stating that she didn’t appreciate the witch hurting her friends.

The remaining recruits are sent back to prison with family visitation, BET, an espresso machine, and 10 years off of their sentence.

Now let’s talk character development.

This movie could have just been a Deadshot movie that introduced Harley midway and ended with them all in the prison, being tagged with the neural grenade, meeting the other members of Task Force X. I only say this because Deadshot and Harley Quinn were the only two fully developed characters in the movie.

Amanda Waller is such an interesting character, but all we know about her is that she came up with the task force idea. Katana is a badass Japanese hero and the odd one out. We have no idea why she was called to join the others in the villain squad. I felt like Slipknot was killed off too quickly.

Jared Leto’s Joker did what it needed to do which was be a dominant presence in Harley Quinn’s world without taking away her spotlight. Still doesn’t excuse him for being a dick to the cast members during the entire production. That’s all I’m going to say about him because this review isn’t focused on the actors’ performances. Actors get a lot of crap already and I’m not going to shit on them too especially since they’re doing far better work on screen than I could ever do.

And how about that ending?

We get a little context to the movie following this production which has been confirmed as Gotham City Sirens which will feature Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. There also have been rumors that a potential Harley and Ivy romance will be explored in the movie.

Director David Ayer who wrote and directed Suicide Squad was confirmed for Gotham City Sirens, but this time he won’t have nearly as many characters to keep track of so maybe they’ll all be properly explored. C’mon, David. Don’t leave my girls hanging, please.

The soundtrack was good. I was actually listening to it while writing this and didn’t hate it, though, I thought it could have flowed between songs better.

It starts with a Skrillex/Rick Ross track that’s pretty neat, but then switches to a synth rock sort of feel and towards the end you’re into pump up music town with a built in cool down starting with Panic! At the Disco’s take on Bohemian Rhapsody. I would show it to my spin cycle instructor if I had one, yeah.

Watch it if you want a film with lots of explosions/violence and are tired of watching the transformers series.