Places Most Likely to Be Haunted on Campus

My lovely UAB campus is equal parts old school and modern which is quite the juxtaposition. This left me wondering: what are some places on campus most likely to be haunted in 50 years? Spoiler alert: the majority of locations on this list fall under the ‘’old school’’ category. It’s time to get spooky.

Here’s what I decided:

1. Campbell Hall


Okay, so two words — cadaver lab. I mean, you can’t expect a building that houses dead bodies for science not to be on this list. It alludes to Shelley’s Frankenstein without even mentioning a ‘’dark and stormy’’ night. Though, it might not need to since the place is already poorly lit and worse for wear.

Campbell Hall was first opened in March of 1978 and if you’re considering places to haunt when you’re deceased, send your application for an afterlife lease right on over.

On an unrelated note, while searching for UAB Campbell Hall on the Google, I came across a playlist of Vines that tagged the building on campus! How neat is that? Little ole Bama-at-Bham-versity.

But you can’t see them anymore cause they’re all ghosts.

RIP Vine

2. Lister Hill Library…of the Health Sciences


Lister Hill Library was dedicated and named in October of 1971 and an extension of the library was opened in the Hillman Hospital building in 1972. Lister Hill Library also houses the UAB Historical Collections and the Reynolds Historical Library.

That’s a lot of information on dead people, places, and things. Not to mention that bit about an extension of the library being opened in a hospital? That’s like almost dead people…and in some cases extra people. Scary.

3. Hulsey Building


The Hulsey Center for Arts and Humanities officially opened in April of 1982. I didn’t even know it was called that and I spent most of my undergraduate career locked in one of the practice rooms.

There are not-so-secret passages that lead you to the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center and the UAB Theatre Department so I’m sure we have our own version of the Phantom of the Opera there already. Ours just might be called like ‘’Phantom of Hulsey and its surrounding performing arts buildings’’, though, which is probably why it was never a musical success on broadway.

4. Humanities Building


Construction of University College Building № 3, now known as the Humanities Building, began in May of 1971. It was designed to prevent student protests which might make you think, ‘’Ah, that’s why it feels like a prison’’. Yes, a prison for your constitutional rights!

It will probably be haunted by the spirit of George C. Wallace when he finds out the building with his name on it is not segregated. *cue airhorn sound effect*

Honorable Mention (s):

Spencer’s Honors House


The campus’ University Honors Program’s headquarters is in an old, creaky church. I mean, c’mon! The power of Christ didn’t even have to compel me for this one.

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