Where’s Waldo But Instead of Waldo It’s James Olsen.

Or the start of a mini series regarding the characters on Supergirl Season 2. Shout out to Brodie for giving me the installments idea!

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No, I don’t write for television nor have I ever. Would it be something that I would like to do in the future? Yes, because I love writing and telling stories. I also do not know what happens during writing meetings for shows, how budget plays into the type of story line we actually see on screen, or who’s actually in control between the writers, producers, and production company. So now that we have my credibility addressed let’s start.

I am a huge fan of the CW. I’ve been watching their shows since Smallville, but didn’t start watching religiously again until The 100. Supergirl has to be my favorite at the moment and that’s what really pushed me to write about this topic. Not because I want to share my love of Supergirl with all of you, but because I’m disappointed in how this season has been written and the characters have been treated. This is kind of an open letter to the writers/producers of the show.


Compared to the first season of Supergirl, the current season does not compare. The best thing to happen to this story line is the personal character development of Alex Danvers. Which by the way, mad props. But then it slowly went downhill. Anyways, if you’re not caught up on the latest season of Supergirl, you might want to stop reading here because there’s going to be spoilers.

We got some cool newbies introduced — M’gann, Mon-El, Maggie Sawyer, Lena Luthor, Lillian Luthor, Snapper Carr, James Olsen’s Guardian. It might not seem like a lot to you but boy does it feel rushed and overwhelming to me!

Here are some quick bits about a few characters:

Maggie Sawyer, great character, wish we could learn more about her and have her develop not only alongside Alex, but on her own since you know…she’s Kate Kane/Batwoman’s ex-girlfriend! I didn’t really like that she was told to make some “changes” about Valentine’s day. Y’all, she was outed on Valentine’s Day and kicked out of her house. That’s a traumatic experience. Apologizing for taking out her hurt on Alex is acceptable, but asking her to not be traumatized and start enjoying it for the sake of someone else is not healthy? Sorry?

M’gann, another great character, finally had an entire episode to be present and interact with the rest of the cast, then at the end she gets sent away indefinitely. Also, why are you guys (@SupergirlStaff) grossly tweeting asking if M’gann and J’onn should be shipped together? You might not be taking the Young Justice route, but the white martian/green martian social relationship has some pretty significant allusions to the Holocaust and that’s highly problematic.

Snapper Carr is the Cat Grant replacement for Kara’s work life outside of her superhero duties, but we also don’t see much from him unless it’s grumbling. I totally get the grumbling man, on most days I’m the grumbling man, but Cat Grant was very important for Supergirl’s character development in the first season. If Snapper’s suppose to take over the Cat Grant part of her life, it’d be cool to see more interaction between them that’s a little longer than 10 seconds. More like the 30 seconds (or longer preferably longer) we saw of him, Kara, and James in 2x12. Especially since Kara was trying to dedicate more time to being a journalist. Also, Calista, I miss you.

Winn Schott is great and I like that he’s getting more screen time especially when he’s helping Guardian. I like what was done with him being scared to be on the field as an agent after he was almost killed helping James with Guardian duties, but we could have easily done that with him and the DEO because he is an agent there now and not just an IT guy like he was at Cat Co. We never really got an explanation as to why he moved to work for the DEO either. A justification would give his switch and his character a more solid foundation outside of being the offspring of The Toyman, the nerdy alien culture enthusiast, and the one guy on the show dating an alien that’s not Kara.

And now for the main event:


James Olsen’s Guardian — I love that James gets to explore his hero side, but y’all this is not Arrow. James to Guardian happened so quickly that I’m concerned with how he’s handling his responsibilities at Cat Co. because you know, he runs that place now since Ms. Grant left. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to showcase the struggle from photojournalist to head of a major media corporation? Because those job descriptions are very different! James is such a cool and confident guy. It’d be nice to seem him out of his element and struggling a bit to get his feet on the ground again. Maybe we’d see more of his social justice activist side since he controls the headlines. Then towards the latter half of the season segue into the Guardian schtick.

I’m pretty sure Mehcad Brooks is a series regular, but he’s been absent as James for almost 3 episodes now. Is he okay? Should we inform Kara or Winn or are they not going to care because they’re busy getting paired off faster than you can name the plot holes this season?

Plot holes and forgotten characters you say? I do say!

What the hell happened to Maxwell Lord? Are they not going to elaborate on the President’s glowing alien eyes? And how come J’onn didn’t read Lena Luthor’s mind to confirm she was innocent if he’s psychic? Is no one going to address Kara/Supergirl disappearing for whoever knows how long to help Barry Allen fight the Dominators? We still don’t have consistency in the science behind this universe — including Arrow, Flash, and Legends. Jeremiah Danvers was still being held captive at CADMUS for at least 3 episodes before his subplot was re-introduced into this season. Did Kara and Alex just forget that happened until 2x14?

This is not coming from a place of hate so please do not think that was my intent. CBS started something very good and important and I don’t want it to end up anything other than good and important.

Tune in next time for my thoughts on the Luthors, Mon-El, Alex Danvers, and Supergirl herself!