Testing your code will help you verify your code does what you expect it to do. Tests will also help you to add, change, or remove functionality, without breaking anything. But testing can have additional benefits.

Merely thinking about what to test will help to identify different ways the software…

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Using open source projects has become increasingly popular. The number of companies using open source is growing. Unfortunately, the number of people building and maintaining it is not growing quite as fast.

Open source doesn’t come for free; someone is doing the work. And they could use your help!

Why you should contribute to open source


This post describes how I passed the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam.

Why take the exam

Opinions differ on how useful it is to pass this exam. It certainly isn’t easy. You’ll need to know quite a lot about Java syntax, and what the compiler will or will not…

A frequently asked question about Cucumber-JVM is how to share state between steps. This post describes how to use Spring with Cucumber to help you share objects between steps, without accidentally sharing state between scenarios (a common cause of flaky scenarios).

First of all, why not use static variables?

A solution often seen to share variables or objects…

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This tutorial will tell you how to get started with Cucumber-jvm in Java. It is intended as a brief, easy guide. For more examples on how to use Cucumber with Java or Kotlin, check the links at the bottom of this tutorial.


To get started with Cucumber in Java, you…

This week I was lucky enough to attend European Testing Conference in Amsterdam. To get an impression of the conference, you can visit their website, read up on the #EuroTestConf hashtag on Twitter, or check any of the links at the end of this post.

In this blogpost, I’d like…

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for years about how I got started learning Java. It describes the resources that worked for me; and what I recommend to people who ask me how to get started. From now on, I can just point them to this…

My team is creating an application in Kotlin. To make development of Cucumber tests easier, we decided to also use Cucumber-jvm with Kotlin instead of Java. Fortunately, it is possible to use cucumber-java8 in Kotlin (kotlin-java8)


If you’d like to follow along, make sure you have the following installed:

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