Blueprint for the Apple Watch

LTE Apple Watch: Do people still not get (good) technology at all?

The last couple of weeks have, as usual for these days, been full of rumors about and around technology. Nothing special so to say. However, one thing specifically caught my attention around an Apple rumor: the LTE powered Apple Watch. And specifically its potential people see in it.

People are looking into the wrong technology

People started to throw around phrases like game changer or true iPhone replacement in the context of the LTE Apple Watch.

I understand that people are looking for the next game changer. But they won’t find it in a wearable device of an Apple Watch. Even Apple shifted the device’s positioning clearly to health — which makes sense given the market’s $8 trillion size.

The problem with the Apple Watch

The mobile industry has been growing massively over the last 10 years and has had some of the biggest effects in our daily lives. People now want to see wearables take that place.

Apple Watch and AirPods

But there are serious problems coming alongside an LTE Apple Watch:

  • You’re still stuck to your hand(s). You need them to operate and navigate the device.
  • Notifications still let your raise your arm — just like pulling up your phone.
  • You’re tied to an even smaller screen, which doesn’t offer space for any sorts of advanced GUI.
  • Taking calls via an LTE Apple Watch would probably only be possible by owning another part of tech — AirPods.

Of course, LTE in the Watch makes you a step more independent from your phone and you might not freak out if you forgot your phone at home. It still only covers a basic set of functions your phone is capable of.

You need mass convenience to disrupt, not old technology

Great products are invented around (simple) problems and great customer experience. Just think of the original iPhone presentation.

An augmented reality device could do just that.

Let’s compare an AR device with the problems mentioned above:

  • You’re no more stuck to your hands, since the device (like glasses or contact lenses) is now part of your face.
  • Navigation of an AR device will be relatively easy and voice-powered, thanks to advancements in NLP and AI.
  • Notifications can be displayed right in front of your eyes, just where they need to be.
  • The “screen” will be your field of view, so plenty of room to display useful information.
  • An AR device could even step up phone calls and make video calls a true convenient reality.

So, AR has a lot of obvious advantages compared to an Apple Watch.

But how long?

I guess we will some some AR-related device by Apple the latest in 2018. Samsung, Google, Facebook are definitely also working on AR devices — and not just expansions to existing technology like phones. Snap Inc. will also come out with AR-powered Spectacles which will give the company another boost in the near future.

By 2020 we will start to really integrate AR into our lives, powered by the by then available 5G network. Another big factor for AR.

Advantages of 5G

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