The problem with Google’s AI vision.

Google’s I/O conference has just taken place and – just like in 2016 – it had one dominant theme: Artificial Intelligence.

Mobile-first to AI-first

Basically Google’s 2017 I/O core topic has been a refinement of its 2016 version. In 2016 they first announced their vision of how AI is transforming the world and how big of a change this will be publicly. They called it „from mobile-first to AI-first“ and AI undoubtedly is one of the biggest disruptions we have seen and will see in tech, ever! So, I don’t disagree with Sundar Pichai here.

AI won’t revolutionize our lives, it will enhace it

Where I do disagree is the vision. Since 2016 AI has been critically acclaimed as the next big thing in tech with global media coverage.

Still, it feels a bit narrow-minded to me to see AI – a technology – disrupting our lives as much as the smartphone – a device, a product – did. I see it more as an enhancement of devices and natural development of the current state of tech and computing power.

AI everywhere and convenience

In the future we will see AI implemented in a lot of devices. It will also affect our future consumer behavior. Most obvious voice (Echo) as a use case for home. Video (Netflix) to suggest video. Coffee machines, which learn your taste and time of enjoying coffee, will prepare it for you. Hundreds if not thousands of use cases. But not one where AI will replace the phone.

Humans and phones are hard to disconnect…for now

Never has humanity witnessed such a quick adoption of tech/a device with such a big effect of behavior. The phone will most likely still be the phone for the next 10 years until Augmented Reality devices are convenient on a broader user level (Early or Late Majority) and maybe integrate the phone in a wearable device – if ever!

You see it differently? Let me know in the comments!