Do not reward the Conservatives for their arrogance and incompetence

The casual arrogance of the way in which the Conservatives are contesting this general election is matched only by their outright contempt for the public. The Conservatives are taking the public for fools, and you cannot take seriously a single promise they make. Theresa May, our Prime Minister, is a joke. Weak and indecisive, frightened of the press and the public in equal measure. She has no vision of what Britain can be or what we can achieve. She’s a laughing stock in Europe, and yet she’s meant to represent us in these difficult negotiations.

The Conservatives don’t feel that they need to answers questions by the press and be held accountable, to participate in leaders debates or field questions from the public. It seems that they don’t even feel like they need to provide costings for their manifesto, so confident are they that the British public will blindly place their trust in the Conservatives, despite their outright failure by almost every metric over the past seven years of government. Yet they will then go on to criticise Labour’s costed manifesto using the usual economically-illiterate epithets: ‘Maxed out the credit card’, ‘Magic money tree’, etc; the usual bullshit, entirely lacking in even a modicum of economic facts.

They’ve published a manifesto with almost zero costings, because apparently a prospective party of government doesn’t need to actually show their sums. Their arrogance is such that even their most stalwart supporters, the elderly, are now being totally taken for granted and thrown under the bus with the Conservative introduction of the Dementia Tax. They’ve promised to reduce immigration, but they have no plan, no figures or estimates, and continue to squeeze our universities and work-force dry by fining businesses who hire non-EU workers and including foreign students in overall immigration figures. This starves universities of the funding they need, and our workforce of the talented people it will so desperately need with Brexit on the horizon. She’s going to take away free school lunches from the poorest students, reintroduce cruel fox hunting, and charge migrant workers and students more for healthcare.

Over the past seven years, they’ve racked up more debt than every previous Labour government combined. Our NHS is in absolute crisis, the Conservative’s lack of attention to IT security put the safety of our hospitals and their vulnerable patients at risk, and mental health services remain woefully underfunded. Make absolutely no mistake: Their record on the NHS is utterly appalling, they have failed by every conceivable metric and broken nearly every promise they have made. Why would their next term be any different? Productivity lags way behind most of the continent, university fees are pushing beyond £9,000 while our loans have been sold off to private companies with huge rises in interest payments. And due to Conservative incompetence and inaction, we’re also losing most of our amazing teachers in the public and private sectors.

And all that on top of perhaps the central issue of this election: Brexit. Where to even begin with the embarrassing clusterfuck of incompetence with which the Conservatives have engaged with this process? What have they succeeded in doing? Well, two main things so far: Alienating all of our friends and allies on the continent with their hateful, xenophobic rhetoric; and by sabotaging negotiations before they even began by simply not understanding what is involved in the process. We are almost totally alone and friendless in Europe now thanks to the Conservatives, both in their campaigning against the EU during the referendum and in their dealings aftewards.

We’re meant to believe that the Conservatives are the ‘competent’ ones, but they’re a shambles. Boris Johnson is our foreign secretary, stumbling from one international embarrassment to the next. We’ve got David Davis in charge of Brexit, who doesn’t understand the difference between the single market and a trade deal, and has suggested he’d deport EU immigrants to curb a rise pre-Brexit. We’ve got Jeremy Hunt, single-handedly responsible for crippling our NHS and making enemies of our doctors and nurses, but seemingly never being held accountable for it. Our Defence Secretary celebrated Assad’s ‘election’ in 2012. And we’ve got a treasurer in Philip Hammond who does not have the confidence of his own party leader, and who believes we should leave the single market entirely if that’s what it takes to feed people’s prejudices about our European friends and allies.

Which part of that total clusterfuck suggets ‘strong and stable’ to you? The utter chaos over just the last two years renders any such claims utterly laughable.

I encourage you to at least read The Labour Party’s manifesto for yourselves, read about the policies and examine the costings and decide for yourselves whether what the Telegraph told you about it is really accurate or fair. Jeremy Corbyn isn’t perfect, but behind the distorted media headlines lies a man of principle, with thoughtful, creative and considered policies; and the Labour alternative is far, far better than the Conservatives. Labour have policies designed to approach Brexit in a positive and constructive way; to eliminate tuition fees and make education accessible to people at all stages of life; to rescue our NHS, protect our environment; solve the housing crisis; and increase the number of police officers to protect our communities.

But for God’s sake, whatever you do, do not reward the Conservatives for their catastrophic failures, or for their arrogance, contempt and incompetence in this general election.