Accelerated Normalisation

Normalisation is a slow process. Or, at least, it has been. In the current year everyone seems to be in a rush to normalize.

I’m not talking about Normalisation as the Left calls it. Normalizing Trump, normalizing racism, and so on. I mean how, in far more subtle ways, the Cathedral normalizes societal changes.

Possibly you could argue whether this is a chicken and egg scenario, in the sense that it is the institutions playing catch up with the Zeitgeist. But when there are Australia Day billboards featuring Muslims — a group that makes up 2.5% of the population — we can safely assume that it is marketing and media that is trying to normalize ‘ahead of the curve’, not playing catch up to a ‘diverse society’. It seems quite clear that the Cathedral is trying to push their agenda on the masses, and in a very silly move they’re not taking their time: they’re accelerating.

Much of this is through popular media. A bunch of movies that came out this year have been been a clear response to #OscarsSoWhite from 2016. Fences and Hidden Figures pushed the BLM narrative. Moonlight was given a racial pity vote as Best Movie at this years Oscars. We had two race-mixing movies in quick succession, Loving and A United Kingdom. If I didn’t know better I would say this was a concerted propaganda effort. But it isn’t limited to the obvious Message Movies.

Take Logan, which is a decent superhero movie, more sombre (and more violent) than the usual fare. If we do a breakdown of the character conflicts we begin to see a pattern. We have two elderly white males who are losing their grip on power and respect (Logan and Professor X).

The time of the White Man is over!

They’re just trying to get by when an army of Alt Right-looking corporate thugs (they are mostly white) wind-up on their doorstep on the hunt for a Latina girl.

Bad guys looking fashy as fuck

This innocent seeming girl just so happens to be a bad ass.

Every girl’s dream is to be able to rip the throat out of the Patriarchy

She is on a mission to reunite with her young mutant cohort and together they will all try to escape the fascist USA over the border to liberal Canada. This group of young mutants is, you guessed it, diverse as fuck. There’s a fat black girl, multiple Mexicans, and various other ethnicity. And Logan the beta male, with his last ditch effort, kills the bad guys (remember, the bad guys are white) and allows the new generation of Diversity+ to escape to freedom. Oh yeah, and don’t forget that eugenics is bad (hey, at least they admit that IQ is genetic in the film).

[As a sidenote, the philosophy of eugenics is quite interesting in the film: a GMO food company has removed the mutant gene from society via food sources, and manufactured their own mutants for military use. Hitler would be proud, I’m sure.]

This is something that will become more and more common. Star Wars is an obvious example where again the Good Guys are racially diverse and the bad guys are British Fascists. It’s subtle and yet not, and the more it is blasted into the brains of the average punter, the more it is going to become ‘normal’. What we’re seeing now is the push for diversity being accelerated.

This process is bigger than just the movie business. The last year has also seen a huge push by companies to be seen as inclusive. Just check out this showreel, from car manufacturers to banks (note the use of hashtags):

Sometimes they go too far as with the recent Pepsi ad…

I’m not sure where to start with that piece of shit, but I think my favourite part is the implicit message sent when Jenner removes her blonde wig. Beautiful. It’s also the perfect example of accelerated normalisation, in that it accelerated too far and too fast, and received deserved pushback.

Again, we come back to the idea of the chicken and the egg. At this point I have to say that these companies are responding to the Zeitgeist. In order to gain market share and customers (and hence profit) they are producing content that the people ‘want’.

These occurrences are gaining momentum, such as with the latest incident in Australia where big business stuck its nose into the government issue of gay marriage.

Holden managing director Mark Bernhard said: “We are very proud to have been the first automotive company in Australia to support marriage equality. As a business, and as a team of diverse people, we are committed to lending our voice in support of equal rights for our community.”
Todd Greenberg, the National Rugby League chief executive the NRL celebrated diversity: “Enabling loving, committed couples to be married, regardless of their sexual orientation, will help create a more inclusive Australia and as a CEO, that is something I want to support.
Tim Reed, the chief executive of MYOB said: “In a competitive global business environment, nothing is more important than having people be able to be the best that they can be — anything less is just bad business. I’m proud that MYOB supports team members regardless of their sexual orientation, and I call on politicians from all parties to do likewise.”
While a growing number of high-profile chief executives such as Qantas chief Alan Joyce and Telstra boss Andy Penn have publicly backed gay marriage since former Prime Minister Tony Abbott opposed legalising the move in 2015, this is the biggest collective statement by business leaders on the issue.
The role of big business in the debate has been a contentious issue, with some chief executives privately worried there would be a backlash against their business if they spoke out. The Catholic Church last year asked some companies to drop their marriage equality campaigns.

The support of issues like equality, diversity and gay marriage are good business decisions, nothing more or less. The public sways the corporations, which in turn sway the public (in particular, normalising it for the vast majority of the public who had not previously been advocating for these issues). It’s a giant feedback loop, and hence we move ever Leftward as more and more ‘barriers’ are overcome.

From 3 hour movies to 30 second ad spots, the progressive agenda is in full display within our culture. This is true Accelerationism of the status quo. That may seem like a tautology, but it is the truth. The status quo is whatever is normal, and if that can be shifted, whether slowly or quickly, new standards arise. The faster you do it, the less time anyone has to question the ‘truths’ being told to them. It is difficult not to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of propaganda. The question becomes how to subvert it, how to resist it, and how to reverse it.