I agree with what you say, but there are down sides for the users of the site in question.
john seeker

John, thanks for your thoughtful response.

I never considered this issue from your perspective. I want to make sure I understand your point though. Are you saying that if students are compelled to publish to Medium, the readers of Medium may suffer as a consequence as the authors won’t be as engaged as “real” contributors.

I suppose you are correct that if all teachers encourage their students to set up accounts in Medium, a vast majority of those students will never engage again after they click publish. If this is your argument, I have three questions:

  1. Is that such a bad thing? Won’t Medium’s algorithm push the story out of site if it receives no engagement?
  2. If the teacher/professor set up a “Publication” to make clear that these articles were part of a class and or student work, would that mitigate the problem at all?
  3. Is it such a bad thing if the author doesn’t engage with the reader? I’m new to Medium still, so I really don’t know. Is that contrary to the goals of Medium as a platform?

Thanks for your thoughts. I hope to hear your thoughts on my follow-up questions.

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