College, Stress and Anxiety Oh My!

Honestly, what college student does not stress or worry? And what about a 14 year old girl? A whole mess of confusion walking into high school and college all at once! However, I think every student (mainly college) deal with worries and anxieties pretty much every day!

Being a very young teenager who is taking college classes, I walked in, pretty much like everyone else, not knowing what to expect. All I knew is that it would be a lot of work, really fast. One of my major concerns about the actual courses is managing my time well, not rushing papers and not procrastinating. Basically everything a typical college student does! Honestly though, this paper is due tomorrow morning, and I am currently sitting in Dukin Donuts writing this on a small notebook laptop, cramming as much in between my after school activities and church. Even though I had known that I should have done it yesterday because I would be busy today. Trying to learn this is a concern I have for myself as my classes get harder. Even though, this is my first class, a basic college freshman class. Getting this fact alone through my head that I need to do things earlier is not something that is becoming easier for me, almost halfway through the term.

Once I am an adult, living by myself in college,what really scares me is money. How in the world am I supposed to pay for this whopping number that seems like 19 digits long just for an education?! Right now I struggle to even pay for a night out with friends. I still use gift cards I get at Christmas to pay for 50% of the things in my life! But wait, not only do I have to work to school debt, but I have to support myself living on my own. I’m not exactly sure how dorms or anything works yet so I just assume I’ll be in an apartment. Food, bills, and more will rely on a probably minimum wage job, all while trying to get an education. How will I have time for anything? Also, on another note, that brings up a whole other side about stress. My mother will probably be my number one on speed dial!

As many concerns I have now, hopefully I’m just overthinking everything (like I usually do). Things will probably be either than how I think they are/will be, or will fall into place and be less stressful. I always think everything will be worse than what it really is and college is/will probably be just like that.

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