Clash of the Titans : MAC vs Windows.

(Not a feature to feature comparison)

Computers and smartphones are driving this world. There are more number of devices (Computers and smart devices) compared to the number of human beings in this world.

Now, the battle of operating systems begins.

Operating system runs the devices which literally runs us (Mostly true). When it comes to computers everyone knows about Windows and Mac operating systems, they are here since the inception and they are growing strong. Almost all the computer users either use Mac or windows operating systems. They provide difference experience to the users, naturally creating two sets of user base, the Mac users (Die hard fans) and the Windows users (fans).

Verto Analytics, a digital multi -screen media Measurement Company, claims that a huge group of Pc market is awaiting to switch to a Mac PC(desktop or laptop) in America.

Verto also claims that 98 percent of the current Mac owners are happy with their systems.


There has always been a battle between the Macs and Pcs for many years. There are some prominent and key differences, between them which makes them unique. Lets talk about some fo the key differences,

— — — 
The design:

Apple works (or I can say they mastered) specifically on the appearance of the product. They care about each and every detail, both internal (UI, UX, the apps they allow etc.) and external (The material they use, color of their device etc.). This allows Mac to give amazing user experience from start to finish.

I would say Microsoft is still catching up with the designs and appearance part, lately they have been releasing several devices with topnotch quality and they are trying to give that seamless experience which Mac is famous for.

— — — 

Macs tend to be more expensive than Microsoft, basically because of the material they user to built their products and their rich user friendly features.

Since a large number of PC makers user Microsoft, they failed to give that quality look to the PC, which in turn made Microsoft PC’s look bad when it compared to Mac, though they provide more features(as they claim).

Gaming PCs aside, an average Windows laptop ranges around $500, while the Apple’s cheapest laptop, starts at $899 (with the same specification).

Though the features differences between Mac and PC (Windows) is less, the cost range between the two is on the higher end.

— — — 
Gaming and other softwares:

Windows are preferred by hard-core gamers, because of the flexible customisation options. Gamers require, very particular setups for their machines including, graphic cards, processor, RAM and ROM, upgrading them constantly.

Using Windows allows them to upgrade a specific part rather than the whole computer. This is the biggest advantage of the PC users.

Meanwhile, Macs are impossible to upgrade easily, and they are under-powered (According to gamers), compared to Windows gaming machines.

— — — 
Customer support:

When there’s a problem with Mac, it is easy to take them to the nearby Apple store and get them checked. The Apple Store acts as a one stop shop, with solutions for every Mac devices.

Microsoft, though they have a great customer service, they can’t service all their devices at one place, as they don’t manufacture all part of the computers.

Hence, they have to send it back to the manufacturers for repair and help only with the software issues.

Also, the number of Window stores are lesser than Apple stores. So as a user, I had to take my Mac to one place to fix any problem, where as I have to call Microsoft for software related issues and the PC maker for hardware problems.

— — — 
Operating system:

Apple’s OS X and Microsoft Windows 10 operating system are completely different. Mac OS X has a cleaner, clutter free look while the Windows has a less compact options, which can be customised though.

Their latest Windows 10 seems to be a strong competitor but, it doesnt seem to shake the mighty Mac interface.

— — — 
Coolness and Psychological factors:

The research to understand the motives that attracts consumers to a particular product has been going on from the 1940’s. The people who use Mac are seen as young, cool and hipster while the

Window users are seen as traditional and straight laced. Commercials and advertisements in social applications, attract in a lot of buyers, by unknowingly compelling them to buy a certain product.

Jeffrey S. Nevid’s research on personality differences between Mac and Pc users in college concluded that, based on the Implicit Association Test, the Mac users showed more favourable implicit attitudes and strong self — identification with Macs than the PC owners.

Interesting ain’t it? So, which side are you Mac or a PC? Do you think one is better than the other? Comment below, lets discuss.