Not quite as planned, but we gon’ turn up!

I have lived for almost exactly 22 years on earth. That’s awesome, right? I don’t always think so. I would like to believe that like many people around, I want my time spent alive to not be merely time consumed. I would love for it to be a lot more! I would like to impact people, to re-imagine something,to invent new solutions, to innovate, make a tangible positive difference!

Naturally, at this point, I reflect on how much I have done and how close I am to making the impact I can be proud of. Long story short, I have not yet dropped out of college to launch a multi-million dollar company that will impact the lives of millions of Africans. What do I do? ’Cause at the end of the day, it’s still my birthday, I still have to celebrate. Turn up. I mean turn up.

Not that one needs a reason to turn up though…While I couldn’t sleep last night, I decided to dedicate this weekend’s celebrations to everyone who helped me survive the first half of 2017 and everyone who has made my 22nd year in life memorable.

In no particular order:

  • Kefiloe Khalema (Real champ, may his soul rest in peace)
  • ‘Matlotliso Mafantiri
  • Mpho Monyane
  • Tlotliso Mafantiri
  • Liepe Mafantiri
  • Oluwasanya Awe
  • ‘Mats’eliso Mophethe
  • Kopo Oromeng
  • Sandile Dlamini
  • Isaac van Heerden
  • Keketso Ramaisa
  • Teboho Thatho
  • Ariyike Adetimehin
  • Serigne Fall
  • Noah Walakira
  • Patrick Nnsengumremi
  • Waithera Nyoro
  • Thembeka Manana
  • Obadeyi Oluseye
  • Tino Magiya
  • Andile Mhlanga
  • Hermela Fantu
  • Amani “Shakes” Naburi
  • Faisal Burhan
  • Sisekelo Dlamini
  • Hossam Hamdy
  • Linda Onyango
  • Elsa Yeboa-Boateng
  • Mandisa Mthembu
  • Antonio Sambo
  • The VISION team (Here I would like to single out Topollo Motlamelle)
  • Simon John
  • Rethabile Phuroe
  • Abdulrahman Salum Diwani
  • Thapelo Rapitse
  • Teboho Thatho
  • Tumelo Mats’ela
  • ‘Malebajoa Fako
  • ‘Mannete Makhetla
  • Lawrenda Adzomni
  • Everyone who has made me laugh, helped me to believe in myself and assisted my growth.
  • Me (I did a lot to0.)

Honestly, me turning 22 is a result of our various contributions to make this far. Some of you on this list know what I mean that I almost didn’t make it. Kudos to all of us!

I’m looking forward to new adventures and successes with all of you.

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