Apps that foster human connection skyrocketed in 2020 — and Snapchat was no exception! But like the rest of the world, the Snap team had to relearn how to work — and in their case, they had to do it while in a boom period.

Customer-centricity isn’t a “one and done” prospect — rather it is an ongoing state of mind. That’s especially true when your customers aren’t a monolith. Multi-dimensional customer-centricity requires a special kind of dedication to putting your customers at the center of every aspect of your business.

We recently talked to…

2020 threw the traditional banking world into a whirlwind as they had to figure out how to provide basic services without contact. Luckily, new banks built with new technology (fintech) were there to help fill the gap — all while putting the customer at the center of everything they did.

A truly customer-centric campaign is the Holy Grail of marketing — and like the Holy Grail, it remains elusive. That’s why we’re talking to seasoned marketers about how to build frameworks and processes that result in truly customer-centric marketing.

Some of the biggest names in business have built their mega-successful companies on the map by putting the customer experience at the center of it all! From Apple to Amazon, customer centricity is driving enormous profits.

Your digital experience can make or break your company — especially on the mobile web, where Google reports, 70% of people will abandon a purchase immediately if it seems too difficult. …

What do you do if you’re a consumer brand that usually reaches buyers in stores and then a global pandemic changes the way people shop? FrieslandCampina — one of the world’s largest dairy companies — was faced with that exact dilemma in 2020. Non-D2C brands who are a step removed…

Mobile-first is going strong. We know this intuitively, just from looking at the world around us, and even though we know mobile ad spend is soaring, people sometimes still think it’s underrepresented. Recently, Stefanie Tannrath, CEO of UM Germany, told MMA Germany audiences that her research suggests that isn’t true.

Connected TV isn’t new. Whether you call it connected TV, OTT, or VOD, articles about cord-cutting have been making claims and predictions about the future of linear TV and the dominance of streaming services for years — but it all came to a head in 2020 as the confluence of…

Is mobile a channel or, well, just mobile?

Increasingly, it seems like mobile is the channel and all others are distant followers. In fact, in some places where internet access is not widely available, mobile is the only channel. …

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Mobile Marketing Association's German Local Council strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies in the country.

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