Logging my startup journey

Doing a startup is hard. I know this because it’s what everyone who’s done it tells you when you first tell them you’re taking the plunge. I also know this because I realize I have to create something out of now; that’s hard.

When seeking advice, or when trying to figure out what others have done when faced with a situation as mine (say how did they figure out product/market fit), I tend to lean towards advisors, friends and the web (mostly Medium). There is a ton of content on Medium about all kinds of advice, opinions, processes and stories — but they tend to lack seeing a trajectory or a history of how things became what they are (I almost visualize a line graph). They say that success is the tip of the iceberg, but rarely do people know all the events, decisions, and struggles that have created the Ubers & Airbnbs of the world.

What did month 1 look like? Month 2? How did their discoveries change their decision in month 6? Or year 1? You might be lucky to see some companies’ pitch decks, or perhaps the founders are popular and get asked to speak at startup events to share their stories (my favorite Airbnb story). But there are many stories that are untold and could provide insight for first-time entrepreneurs like myself. I also love Buffer’s perspective on transparency — I want to aspire to do the same for my company.

Thus, I want to try this experiment myself. I don’t know if I will have a successful story for you to read or listen to in a few years, but I am making a bet today and hoping this could be helpful to someone someday.

I want to share our ins-and-outs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I will go into details on how our week went, the highs and lows, and what we learnt. I may not be able to share or write about everything but I will aspire to the best of my ability.

Look out for ‘Startup update’, my collection logging in our progress and decisions. Hope it helps!