What have I learned since I have been at college?

August 27, 2016. One night before all of us first year Freshman move into college at UNE. Of course all of us are getting ready and packing our bags to move away from home for the first time in our lives. Not to make this small class writing assignment a cry for sympathy, but more along the lines of a learning experience for many different reasons. One night before we moved into college, I found my self at one of my best friends house before we all moved in. Celebrating the fact that we are moving and exploring the next big chapter in our lives. Seeing all my friends for the last time since we move in, and saying goodby to another friend who is entering bootcamp to become a Marine. Having a blast with friends I will have for the rest of my life, and waking up in a tent in his backyard to find out the worst news of my life. One of my childhood best friends had died in a car accident. Waking up next to all my friends and hearing that news hit all of us like a brick wall. The one kid we all wanted to see that night who went to a party instead, and got into the wrong car and 3:00 am that morning.

From their on all I thought, how can I do this? How can I move into college tomorrow? Was this supposed to happen? What is the meaning of my life? How much longer do I have? Millions of worrisome questions filling my brain for the rest of that day. Crying and not being able to eat wile I pack my bags for school to think, is all this really worth it? Am I making the right life decision for me? Moving on to the next two weeks where the worst two weeks of my entire life. Crying and not being able to eat, trying to force food into my mouth just because I knew I needed it to keep my self together. Still trying to look for something to help me learn from these mistakes. I needed him, my childhood best friend.

Now we find ourselves entering finals week, the most stressful time for freshman. I look back to think about what I have learned this semester, and that is, most importantly, that everything in life is between the ears. Everything that happens, the outcome comes from your attitude and positivity, knowing that everything will soon become better. Its the fight and the will within yourself that makes it better. Learning to work within myself through the hardest times in life and know that the outcome comes from that thoughts you have in your mind. Knowing that, it is all between the ears.

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