Secret settings of Sencor SBS 5005 digital scale

Marián Hlaváč
Aug 28, 2018 · 2 min read

I was cleaning my personal scale with a damp cloth and accidentally entered some kind of service menu. I don’t know about you, but me, when accidentally bumps into some kind of secret or service menu, just have to try reproducing the steps and enter the menu again and explore what can be done in there.

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I googled for and went through each instruction guidebook PDFs that exists for this model of scale, and there isn’t a single mention about some options menu. I had to use the try-and-error method to figure out how to enter the menu again. The device has three buttons, so I thought it can’t be that hard.

By pressing down button + set button at the same time, releasing and pressing the combination again, you can enter settings menu. Then button set goes through each menu item and arrows are meant to change the value of selected menu item.

I don’t understand how I was able to press this combination, when cleaning the device, in the first place.

By pressing the same combination in the same sequence, but with up button instead of down button, you can enter some kind of calibration menu, which I didn’t figure out how it works (it displays calibration weights in unknown units, and I think you’re supposed to put the calibration weight on, but dunno, just blind guess)

Menu items

By trying to observe what each menu item does, I’ve figured out a half of the available settings. The others are still a mystery for me, couldn’t figure out what they’re for.

I think some of the settings are actually useful and I don’t understand why they aren’t documented in the instructions guides. Setting the measured values display time to last longer on the display greatly improves readability (the values disappear too quickly sometimes)

Umm… So?

So… I’m putting this here if someone was looking for the same kind of information as me. This is meant to be just an informative article.

Nothing impressive, nothing clap-worthy, just fyi.

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