Great article but I have 2 issues I’d like to raise.
Andrew Verrijdt

You raised 2 good points, Andrew.

For the first, let me start apologizing for having use only the abbreviation for Internet of Things: even if I try my best, sometimes it’s difficult to avoid some sort of self-absorption.

Second point: job loss. I think there are actually 2 separate phenomenons currently affecting jobs. Low-skilled job commoditization and jobs replaced by technology. The first one is more macro-economics related and I don’t feel competent enough to give an opinion. For the second part, I think it is not really a novelty, as we already witnessed something similar several times. Think about what happened just over 100 years ago with the mass diffusion of the automobile. At the beginning of the century millions of people employed in the «horse industry» (blacksmiths, horsemen, etc) were out of their jobs. However a new industry was rising and created million of new jobs (drivers, mechanics, etc). In this case what we would need is some form of social welfare to support people in this job transition and repurpose their skills.

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