Building the team for Alien Energy

Reaching out to my friends and professional network in San Francisco Bay Area:

I am building the founding and core engineering leadership team for Alien Energy. I’m seeking doers, makers, and builders who are excited for the future of electric mobility and sustainable energy; Please let me know if you are interested to chat and know anyone who fits in any of the following technical areas:

- Embedded firmware/software engineer:

Prior experience/knowledge in the automotive industry in particular Can in Automation (CiA), CanOpen, familiarity with Texas Instrument battery management, monitoring and gauge ICs. Basic understanding of power electronics (motor controllers, inverters, etc) is a big plus.

- Android engineer:

Driver and kernel programming, building custom ROM, comfortable with diving into low-level hardware interfaces, using Accessory Development Kit (ADK), Android Open Accessory (AOA), communication over ADB, etc. Prior experience in developing, and releasing widely used apps on Google Play is big plus.

- Mechanical engineer and/or industrial designer:

Experienced in design for manufacturability, design for assembly, thermal management, plastic and metal material knowledge, design for impact resistance, durability, waterproofing. Prior experience in taking products through DVT, EVT, PVT. Familiar with manufacturing processes such as injection molding, die extrusion, sheet metal, die stamping, die casting, etc


A generalist hardware hackers and builders with zest in the future of electric mobility and energy storage. Risk taking attitude and comfortable to function in a start-up and wearing multiple hats is assumed 😃

Please drop me a line at to chat